New Year's Resolution Blogger: A Bubbly New Year

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  • Happy New Year 2011! I woke up on Saturday feeling excited for a blank calendar and a fresh start. I did allow myself New Years Day to enjoy a last hurrah of food and relaxation before I decided to get really serious, but by the end of Saturday night I was feeling bloated and lethargic, much like I did when I came back from the honeymoon cruise. I knew I had overdone it through the holidays, and I was truly looking forward to the coming days of getting my health back on track.


    Billy and I woke up around ten on Sunday morning and feeling refreshed and motivated, decided to trek down to my gym. As most of you know, Billy is an aspiring mixed martial artist and already has three gyms at his disposal where he regularly trains. But since we want to spend more time together outside of the house, we thought this would be a good place to start. We had a fun but hard workout and he gently motivated me to push forward when I wanted to give up. We finished up by kicking some Tai pads and then moved to the mats where he showed me a few Jiu Jitsu moves. We laughed through the workout and I was so pleased I begged him to join my gym so we could do it every Sunday. To my surprise and delight, he agreed. He signed the contract right then and there. I'm super excited that now he can experience the way I like to workout, and he can teach me more about his passion too.

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    Sunday afternoon after showers and lunch, Billy and I went to the local sports bar to watch our Green Bay Packers play the Bears for a playoffs spot. I knew this was going to be a big test because I had promised not to drink alcohol for the month of January, but I was actually good. I was fine drinking club soda with lime and cheering on the team amongst the beer swilling fans. When the Packers won and everyone toasted with shots, I didn't cave. And I didn't even cave to wings and burgers. I know it was only day one, but hey, it's a start!


    Today, I was really sore from the workout and had trouble going up and down the stairs at work. I was afraid I would bail on the gym tonight but I hobbled my way to the car drove straight there. I kept it light by sticking to a "Peak Eight" workout ( ). It's not have to do an intense bout of cardio for 30 seconds, slow down for 90 seconds, and repeat seven more times. It really gets the heart rate up but by eliminating the weights, I allowed my muscles to recover a little. I finished with some abs work and a lot of stretching, some time in the sauna, and a little more hobbling on the way out. Tomorrow will be a calm and restful night of Tai Chi, but I think I'll go for a run with my dogs before class. Wednesday will be my first night of yoga and I'm incredibly stoked for that.


    Exercise is definitely back on track but turning the diet around has been tough. I haven't given up the starchy carbs and sugar yet, but I've cut down and I'm definitely making improvements. One thing I used to do that I think I'll start again is writing out a meal plan for the next day, which helped me stick to healthier foods. But this week I want to focus mainly on the working out. I also have some calls and appointments to make, as promised, so I can get to work on the hormone issue. I really think that taking things one day at a time will help me stick to my plans. Fingers crossed for a great month!

Published On: January 05, 2011