New Year's Resolution Blogger: Finding My Rhythm...Again

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  • I had my first night of group training at the gym with Sandy on Wednesday. I normally train alone with her so it was a nice change of pace to work with two other girls (at various levels of fitness) and share the pain. Sandy said that since this was our first workout together, she would take it a little easy to find out how we worked together and where our level of fitness was currently. "Easy" in Sandy terms is...yeah, not so much. Granted, I didn't come away from it feeling like I could die at any moment, but it was definitely rough and very challenging. She said the difficulty level would increase as time went on, but I did tell her that I planned to stick to my guns and not go too hard, especially with the weights, if that's what my body was telling me. She seemed ok with that, and she also made a point to help us stretch for a good long while after the workout. She tailored the stretching to what each of us needed most. She had me lie on the ground with a baseball under my shoulder blade and massage it around, getting at the knots. It felt amazing, and I actually wasn't too sore when I woke up the next morning.

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    On Thursday evening, I attended my second Kirpalu Vinyasa yoga class. Wes, our instructor, took us through an hour and fifteen minutes of what I can only describe as bliss. Some of the poses were tough, but the dreamy state I found myself in during the final relaxation made it all worth it. After class, Wes said that he was completely surprised at how great we all did...after all, this was supposed to be a beginners' class. He complimented me on how well I kept up, but encouraged me to take a rest in "child's pose" if I ever felt the need. This would keep me motivated to continue the practice even when things got especially challenging. Now that is what I like to hear!


    It seems that I am getting the exercise stuff down. I truly enjoy the variety of things I've been doing to get in shape, and I'm certainly not feeling bored. After my five-class yoga pass runs out (which was a Christmas gift from my mom), I hope to have the funds to continue so I can keep mixing things up. As I told Wes, your health is definitely worth spending a little extra, whether it is with organic food, supplements, or a wonderful yoga class.


     I'm still finding the diet part super challenging. I slacked off on the slash mark project and my journal is looking a little pathetic (although I am still tracking my weight and some meals). It's the being surrounded twenty-four seven by food that's really hindering my success at the moment, and I'm not sure how to curb the snacking. On a positive note however, I was able to convince my mom that quality is better than quantity, so we took our first trip to the organic section of the grocery store. I showed her how to build meals around protein, and we purchased the freshest, yummiest ingredients. I've been making delicious and healthy dinners every night this week, so at least I'm getting one good meal in during the day. The snacking is another issue, but I feel great to be helping my mom and feeding myself a healthy dinner too. Next week, I hope to be on my way to consistent breakfasts. Baby steps!

Published On: January 19, 2011