New Year's Resolution Blogger: Diving Deeper into the Health Quest

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  • Well, good news folks. My toe is not broken. I worked up the nerve to take my band aid off two days after the injury. It was definitely bruised and part of the toenail was crushed, but the worse part was the cut on the side that made wearing a shoe all but impossible. I spend and entire day at work with the shoe off. Luckily, I work around a bunch of sympathetic hippies so no one even commented. Anyway, I spent all of last week recovering and even though I never got snowed in, I decided I needed to let myself heal before getting back to the gym. I did eat pretty well and managed to lose another pound, so that makes me happy. Unfortunately, that week off of the gym is making me feel totally lazy again. And to make matters worse, my mom went out of town this week, which means that instead of going to the gym after work, I have to go straight home to let the doggies out. we go again.

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    One light at the end of this (seemingly never ending) tunnel is that I have committed Wednesday nights to Sandy at the gym. So I have to go, and the dogs will just have to wait a little bit longer for their dinner. And Thursday I plan to go to my yoga class at seven, which will leave me time in between to take care of my responsibilities. So as long as I go for a few runs at home and keep eating well, I think my week will end on a high note. Unless we end up getting the seven inches of snow I am at this moment hearing about on the news. Arrrgh!!!


    Now that January is almost over, I'm trying to be accountable for the things I promised to do. I know I've been a little flaky (not journaling, still snacking at work) but I'm still proud of myself. As soon as I get the necessary forms filled out, I will be on my way to appointments with the naturopathic doctor and the nutritional consultant. I'm halfway through a month-long cleanse, and I haven't touch any alcohol. I've been getting fairly regular exercise. And I've been turning to things like yoga and baths to help manage stress instead of doing destructive things that end up making me feel worse.


     I'm still having trouble with the emotional eating, but I'm starting a book soon that I think may help with that. It's called "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. My girlfriend lent it to me, insisting that it changed the entire way she thinks about food. She used to have a serious eating disorder. But after treatment and reading that book, she now listens to her cravings, eats what she wants (within reason), and has never looked back. The book has been sitting on my shelf for nearly a year, and now that the wedding is just a memory, I have no excuse not to start reading.


    I've also been sporadically seeing a counselor just for life maintenance and I think I might up my appointments so I can talk with him about my issues with food. I've already accepted that I do eat emotionally, but I'm also starting to wonder if said issues run deeper than I thought. I'm not quite sure what I mean at the moment, but if there are any other reasons why I've tried and failed at losing weight (besides what I think are the obvious ones), then I would really like to explore those in depth. At this point, what can it hurt?

Published On: January 28, 2011