New Year's Resolution Blogger: Lighten Up

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  • I thought that the weather gods showed me true mercy last week when the dreaded freezing rain never arrived. But they must be laughing now, because about seven inches of snow were dumped on us yesterday. It started mid-afternoon while I was prepping veggies for a fresh soup. My co-worker and I looked out the window to see little icy pellets of hail falling, which quickly turned into an all-out storm. We rushed to clean up what we could, and got the heck out of there. The roads were a mess and it took almost a half hour to make the usually quick trip home. I was bummed. I had my gym bag ready to go and with my toe almost back to 100%, was looking forward to a hard workout with Sandy. Really...I was!

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    Not long after we settled in, our satellite conked out. The snow was coming down hard and our dish must've gotten covered. Billy, who has a Muay Thai fight coming up this weekend, decided to put on his many layers of sweat-inducing gym clothes and get to work losing the last eight pounds before weigh-ins. Maybe I was feeling that weather-related laziness, or maybe it was just sheer defiance of his weight-cutting madness, but I refused to join him when he asked. Instead, I sat on our couch, watched him shadowbox and sweat, and played on the computer. I know it was wrong, but I just couldn't partake. After all, he has lost almost twenty pounds in the last month in preparation for this Friday's weigh-ins, and it irks me to my core that I don't possess the same motivation. Not that I would ever want to cut weight like that, but when he decides it's time, he means business.


     After he finished his workout (which ended with a mad snow shoveling dash down our driveway), he showered while I contemplated dinner. Just as he was toweling off, the lights blinked and then went out for good. We sat in pitch blackness before scrambling to light candles. We decided to start a wood stove fire and dragged all of our blankets and pillows into the den. We dug out a couple of board games (Connect old school!) and some crossword puzzles. After the fire got nice and hot, I cooked some eggs in a cast iron skillet on top of the stove, and boiled water for tea and cocoa. We ate our low-carb dinner by candlelight and played a few rounds of games before stoking the fire and lying down to sleep. It was only abut 10:30 p.m., but the heat of the stove and lack of noise and light from the TV lulled me to la-la land pretty fast.


    Often, it's easy to forget the pleasures of simple things, and how they can lighten up the night. When you have no choice but to cook your dinner on a wood stove, options become limited but the meal seems more satisfying. And without a TV or computer, you actually talk to one another and interact the way people did long before the distractions of technology came into play. Billy and I actually enjoyed our evening so much, we vowed to do it more often. But once the weight cut is over and the fight is history, I will have to be vigilant about not turning a cozy, techno-free night into a pasta and ice cream frenzy. Without the restrictions to stop us, holding back on our own is never easy.

Published On: January 31, 2011