New Year's Resolution Blogger: The Big Winner

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  • January has come to an end and I have so much to be proud of. I'm down about six pounds and I did it by sticking to most of the goals I set. I've come to accept that fact that because of my job as a cook, tracking and journaling my food intake is impossible, so I just have to be more aware of my intake. I've been eating better, avoiding alcohol and dairy, and working out when possible. Of course, there have been roadblocks along the way...some avoidable and some not. The crazy Virginia weather had me snowed in, and the injury to my toe kept me out of the gym for a while. The first half of the month was definitely better than the last half, but I know what I need to do. And I'm taking bigger steps forward even when I take small ones back. Tonight, however, nothing is filling me with pride more than my husband's long-awaited win at Saturday's Muay Thai fight.

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    In several of my shareposts over the past year, I've talked about Billy and his aspirations to become a professional mixed martial artist. He's been training for almost five years as an amateur and has put his body through hell and back all in the name of turning his passion into a career. I've always been amazed (and often disgusted) at the extreme weight cutting, over-the-top workouts, and injuries that put him out of commission for days or even weeks at a time. But as crazy at it all seems, no one can argue against his dedication and motivation. Especially after five devastating losses in the ring. That he can deal with that, recover from his wounds (both physical and mental), and start all over again really is inspiring. I will say it again; I do not agree with everything that he does, nor do I wish to participate in the same extreme practices. But the mere fact that we live together often causes his habits to rub off in small but significant ways. And I almost always get something positive out of the time leading up to one if his fights. A little diet trick, new way to work out, some unexpected quality time.


    One of the most important things that I've learned from my husband is perseverance-when you really want something that badly, you have to put your whole heart and soul into it. It may be uncomfortable, and it's certainly not easy, but it is possible. He proved that to me on Saturday when he not only survived three brutal rounds of Muay Thai kickboxing, but he actually pulled off a win. I felt like I could see his heart every time he got kicked in the side or kneed in the chin, only to turn around and give it right back and then some. When the fight finally ended and the announcer took both men's arms, waiting for the judges' decision, I closed my eyes and willed the results with every fiber of my being. And when he said Billy's name and raised his hand, I felt my entire body well up with pride and happiness. Big trophy in hand, Billy came bounding down the aisle straight towards me. So what if he was covered head-to-toe in sweat? I practically clawed my way over the people next to me and ran in for a giant bear hug.


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    No one but Billy will ever understand what he goes through for a fight, but I have the honor of an inside look. I know I complain about it a lot, but after seeing him win, I realize that his kind of dedication is rare. I'm lucky to know someone who stays so true to his goals. Hopefully a little more of that will rub off on me. And yes, he did go straight for the pizza and ice cream after the big win, but what do you know, I married a human, not a robot. Thanks goodness, because I seem to be human as well.

Published On: February 11, 2011