Making and Prioritizing Time to Lose Weight

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  • My brother Andy is getting married on June 4th. His bride-to-be is Romanian, which means that none of her family can make it to the wedding. Her friends live mostly in Florida, from where she has just recently moved to be with Andy in Ohio, and none of them can make it to Virginia until the night before the wedding for rehearsal. Since the wedding was planned fairly quickly, she only asked me to be her maid-of-honor when she visited on my birthday, which was May 2nd. I've never been a MOH before, and although I am extremely honored, I'm understandably freaking out because, as I write this, I have exactly two weeks to round up the bridesmaids on agreeable attire, and put together an impromptu bachelorette party which, comically, will involve the bride, myself, and several of my own girlfriends. Scariest part of it all...yet again, having to fit into and pull off looking good in a dress for the big day. Arrrgh!!!

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    The bride has graciously allowed me to wear a dress that I already own, which happens to be the one I wore the night of my 30th birthday (also known as "Proposal Night"). It's quite pretty; solid black strapless satin top and a white bottom with big black roses. Because it was my big birthday and all the family and friends were attending, I worked hard to lose some pounds and tone up so I would look and feel fabulous that night. I was down to one of the lowest weights I've been in years when my now husband proposed, and since then, well...I think all of you are well aware of my struggles. I tried desperately to lose more weight for the wedding day, ended up gaining instead, and haven't been able to lose any since. Now, the pressure is on to get back into that black and white dress. It fits, but it's pretty snug. Sigh. If only I had more time!


    Time. It's something we all wish we had more of every day of our lives. More time to sleep in the morning, more time on vacation, more time on the weekends, more time to prepare for that special occasion. It seems like the one thing that has been at least somewhat motivating for me to lose weight is some kind of event. It kind of bums me out though that I can't seem to light the fire under my toes for any other reason, like disease prevention or wanting a baby. I certainly feel the burn for a few days when I get those ideas, but inevitably it fizzles out and I lose motivation. But when I have an event, like my wedding or being a bridesmaid, I at least push myself harder to succeed. I wonder if creating fake events and physically writing them down on a calendar would make any difference? Ok, now that just sounds stupid. But who knows.


    In any case, I have just over two weeks to slim down just enough so I don't have back cleavage in that fabulous black and white dress. It will be special for me to wear it again since I got engaged in it, and of course because I get to stand up beside my soon-to-be sister in it as her maid-of-honor. Even though I am fully aware of the fact that no one will be looking at me as they say their vows under the gorgeous backdrop of a Virginia winery, I still want to feel comfortable in my own skin. You know what I mean! So here we go. Two weeks of juicing, laying of the grains, sugar, and dairy, and perhaps even the wine. There will be plenty of that to go around anyway on the fourth of June.

Published On: May 24, 2011