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  • Ever since I started entertaining the thought of giving up my gym membership, I've been living in a mild state of panic. I know it sounds crazy but I wonder if it's the same thing that smokers go through when they take the first steps towards quitting. When a smoker decides it's time to quit, I'm sure the panic sets in pretty quickly. Maybe they decide to try an alternative, like one of those water vapor devices. That's kind of where I'm at right now. I know that quitting my gym may be the best thing for me right now, but I'm not totally ready to let go so I'm searching for alternatives. And a few things happened this week that made me feel like, again, things are falling into place.

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    First, my yoga teacher Wes told me that he would no longer be teaching his Thursday class due to poor attendance. I was shocked by the news, especially since I've gotten so used to going every week. It's become something I look forward to and a very important way for me to burn off some stress. He still has a Saturday class, but I definitely got into a routine of going Thursday night, and that was a great way for me to break up the monotonous work week. It's not that I refuse to go to Saturday yoga or take Wes up on his offer to meet up for yoga in the park now and then. But when I thought about it I decided this was just another opportunity for me to continue to search for other physical activities that I enjoy.


    Shortly after I heard from Wes, I received an e-mail from the organizers of "Hike n' Stuff", a local meetup group I joined back in the early spring in hopes of connecting with people who enjoy outdoor activities. They were preparing for their wedding and apologized that no activities would be planned until after the big day. Getting the e-mail meant that the wedding was over and they were ready to rock out with hikes and other cool outings. I was stoked! I can't wait to participate in as many of those meetups as possible, especially now that summer is here and there will be plenty of things to do. I'm hoping that we do a little kayaking, which was my all time favorite adventuresome activity in college.


    Finally, a few days ago, my good friend Candace came by my work to say hi. She had just come from the new aquatic and fitness center where she's been enjoying swimming and lighter workouts. Voila! This could be just the thing I need to ease me out of my gym and into something different without completely freaking out the status quo. If I join Candace's gym (which also happens to be much closer to my house and it's cheaper!) I'll have a workout buddy once again and I'll get to go swimming as well. The workout buddy is a big deal for me, because when I quit my last gym I lost a partner that I had been working out with for almost three years. Just knowing she was there motivated me enough to keep going, and I feel like I owe her a lot of the credit for my success in losing that first chunk of weight. Knowing that I will once again have a good friend to work out with already makes me feel happier and more motivated. So it's settled. I will be  calling my gym early next week to cancel my membership, and head over to the aquatic center. I hear they even have water Zumba! Yay!!


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    In the meantime, I've been sticking with my nightly jogs with the dogs, walking them every morning, drinking lots of water and eating lighter foods. To my surprise, I've lost almost six pounds in the last couple weeks. I'm hesitant to be too excited because I know how my weight can fluctuate, but at least I'm seeing the number go down and that gives me a nice little push to keep it up. By this time next month, I fully plan to be swimming, kayaking, hiking, and, well, who knows where else this crazy journey will take me.

Published On: July 29, 2011