Making Adjustments to a Workout Routine

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  • After last week's victory on the scale I was feeling really motivated and ready to take on the next baby step in my plan of attack. The intended move was to "break up" with my gym to make way for the local aquatics center and more outdoor activities. So on Wednesday I headed in for a workout and immediately felt like I was about to quit a job or leave a boyfriend. I almost snuck in, not making eye contact with anyone and certainly not speaking to the perky front desk girl. I did an intense, hour-plus workout. I'm pretty sure that sweat wasn't the only thing oozing out of my pores; did I smell the scent of shame? Holy crap, why is this so hard?

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    After my workout, I did everything possible to avoid confronting the task at hand. I showered. I blow-dried my hair...and straightened it (and I was only going home for the night; usually I leave the gym a sweaty, curly-headed mess). I created a new playlist on my iPod. I read a magazine. And so on, and so forth. Finally, with dusk nearing, I couldn't find one more useless thing to do. So I headed out of the locker room and to the front desk, eyes averted, head hanging low. Cole, the owner's son, greeted me and asked how he could help. Slowly, I said, "Well, unfortunately, I'm going to have to cancel my membership." He didn't even bat an eye, just went straight to the computer to look up my account. "That's no problem," he said, "You've been here over a year so your contract has rolled over."  Wow, that easy? Eventually, he did ask my why I was leaving and I sheepishly told him that I was dealing with a family crisis (which is true, but that's not the only reason of course). I left out the part about how I needed to discover more pleasurable ways to torture myself (haha, just joking!), and I felt it was time to take it a little easier on my body and give up the militant style of working out that I had gotten so used to. Cole was cool with it all.


    I have thirty days to continue using my gym membership and I fully intend to make the most out of it, but who knows. I refuse to make any promises. I felt great after talking to Cole and I am still at peace with my decision. I do worry, of course, about keeping my weight in check and sticking to my promise of pursuing other fitness outlets, but I really want to try. I already feel like I'm slipping a little as it's been crazy hot the past few days and I didn't take my dogs jogging. The scale has been creeping steadily upwards to my disappointment and the July 4th weekend BBQ extravaganza certainly didn't help things. But tomorrow I plan to get down to the aquatics center and find out about a membership there, so hopefully I will be on my way to Water Zumba before too much time lapses.


     One little ray of sunshine did burst into my worry bubble this week, and that was hearing again from the organizers of the "Hike n' Stuff" meetup group. They have finally nailed down some definite plans for a few day hikes, and I have officially rsvp'd to one. It's a six mile hike through Shenandoah State Park in early August. I'm nervous because I don't know anyone and it's been years since I've gone on a hike that substantial, but I can't let that hold me back. I bet I can find a friend to come with me, but regardless, it's time to just hold my breath and jump. I've been talking about this forever I'm tired of just wishing it could happen. Fear or none, August will be here soon. A few jogs (despite the heat) will be a great way to WOman up and get ready!

Published On: August 01, 2011