Slowly Changing A Fitness/Wellness Routine

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  • Last week after I cancelled my gym membership, a funny thing happened. I thought about how I only had thirty days to use the gym before the cancellation was in effect, so I started going more. Monday, I did a pretty hardcore workout from my "Sandy Journal". It consisted of a ten minute warm-up on the elliptical machine, followed by four rounds of four different exercises: 25 step ups holding 25 pounds, 15 squats to the Bosu holding a ten pound disc, 10 hamstring curls with the balance ball, and ten back extensions. I rounded that doozy out with five minutes of jump roping and some stretching. I went back on Tuesday and did a peak 8 workout (running hard for thirty seconds followed by a ninety second recovery; repeat eight times), some ab work, and some stretching. I tossed in some Mari Windsor Pilates on Wednesday which kicked my butt again. And each day of the week I either walked my dogs in the morning, jogged with them at night, or both.

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    I find it curious that now that there is a light at the end of my gym tunnel, I'm trying to work out more. It's as if I'm subconsciously telling myself that after the month is up, I will turn into a couch potato and gain a million pounds. Like Cinderella, the fairy tale will come to a close and I'll end up with a big fat pumpkin on my hands; the pumpkin in this case of course, being me. Yikes! So where is the glass slipper in all of this? It appears that I'm getting ahead of myself again with some potential self-fulfilling prophecies. I'm really good at that, and I find myself creating them in many facets of my life. Finding the glass slipper when faced with difficult situations can be challenging, so I'm just going to have to keep setting small goals and trying to stick to them. I'm thinking that if I have a few things lined up before the month is up, I will make the transition more smoothly.


    One thing that's particularly worrying me is my lack of money. I had every intention of joining the aquatics center so I could go swimming and join my friends in some light workouts. But when I went down there to check things out I found out that if you don't live within the county limits, you pay a considerable amount more than a county resident. The sucky thing is that my house is literally minutes over the county line. I live closer to that facility than many in-county residents because the county is so big. It just doesn't seem fair. For that reason, I'm not so sure joining is a good idea. Money is also the reason why I have been unable to keep up with my yoga, which is the one form of exercise that I actually look forward to. It's very frustrating that money has to be a factor in how I choose to take care of myself. But it's a tough fact of life and I'm certainly not the only one dealing with the fallout of this economy. I know that health is a priority so I should try to fit it in the budget, but honestly it's a real struggle right now.


    I am fully aware that going for a jog outside or doing circuits at home is free. And I still have my hiking group to be excited about. But there's just something about all those gadgets and machines and the big, glorious pool that's super appealing. I'm hoping that I can still make it happen by trying to figure out where I can make cuts. And although I haven't yet pursued the health counseling degree I mentioned a few months ago, I did make myself some sweet business cards to try and promote a small holistic home cooking business. Perhaps that will drum up a little extra cash. In the meantime, I'll keep looking for opportunities and try to stay active. Turning into a pumpkin is just unacceptable.

Published On: August 05, 2011