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  • Today while I was at work, my dear friend Candace came by to say hi. Although twenty years my senior, she is just as spunky as any twenty-year-old, and we always have a blast together. Since I've known her, Candace has had a slight limp due to a sore hip. Over the past several months, that slight limp has developed into a crazy gait that I call "swing walking". In order for her to move forward, she has to take a wide step out then swing that leg around to the front, making her look like she's doing a little slow motion side-to-side dance when she's walking. She finally had an MRI and the doctors discovered that she literally has no cartilage in her hip joint. Bone rubs pure, raw bone whenever she moves. So when she hobbled up the stairs to see me today, she was actually giddy while relaying the big news; she's having a hip replacement in the middle of next month.  She was super happy to finally be fixing the problem. The only thing she was sad about was the fact that she would be laid up in bed for at least a month, unable to go to her beloved gym. That got me thinking.

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    Here is a woman that is twenty years older than me and fit as a fiddle, other than her hip problem. She has been solidly working out for longer than I've been alive. She eats well, swims, lifts weights, and does yoga...all while taking care of a family and working a physically demanding job. Now that she has to have surgery, she's sad that she's going to be temporarily disabled, but ecstatic that she will be able to get back to her usual routine when it's over. Then, there will be almost no limit to what this woman can do. Going over this in my mind, I started to think about how much complaining I do when it comes to my own conflicts over sticking to my fitness goals. Ok, to be fair, I know that everyone has their own problems and problems aren't lessened in one's own mind just because someone else seems to have bigger ones. But, when I look at my friend Candace, I see a woman who is fearless and doesn't let anything stand in her way, not even a busted hip. I'm thinking that just maybe I need to be a little more grateful for what I do have (such as a not busted hip) and try to take advantage of my health instead of letting every little perceived problem stand in my way.


    Honestly, I have had a lot of major stuff going on in my life. Some of it I have shared and some of it is a little to private for the web surfing world to see. And I know that many of you share in my frustration when you experience problems that seem to make your feet turn into lead and your brain turn to mush. When we feel this way, the last thing we want to think about it health and fitness. It just seems like it takes too much precious energy to worry about what we will be eating for dinner tonight or how to sneak in that hour of cardio six times a week that all the experts are recommending. Ugh! Just the thought if it can sometimes be enough to make me want to crawl into my bed for a "Strange Addictions" marathon (my new addiction until Jersey Shore comes back...yeah I know; no comments allowed on that one!). But what it boils down to is that life will always be filled with stress, it's just the level that changes. I know that the best thing I can do for myself in times of stress is to try and stay healthy. So even though I'm basically starting from scratch, I'm really going to make a commitment to do so. I let my health get way off track in the name of dealing with stress. But as long as I have the ability, there should be no excuses big enough to not make a little effort every single day. If I keep that up, I may be once again headed toward some real progress.

Published On: August 22, 2011