Shaking Things Up

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  • In keeping with my promise to make some kind of small effort everyday (as discussed in my last sharepost), I decided to make things interesting by mixing things up all week. On Monday, I pulled out the old Zumba "Cardio Party" DVD, which is a forty-five minute Latin dance-inspired sweat-a-thon. It was a blast, just as I remembered. When I was finished I did a small round of pushups, planks, and arm exercises. On Tuesday, I was sore but not so sore that I felt like I couldn't do anything. My friend Sarah called to ask me if I wanted to do some P90X with her. We had done a cardio DVD last year and it was pretty cool, so I accepted and she arrived in her workout gear. To my dismay, however, she suggested that we go running first-at two in the afternoon, in ninety-five degree weather. I was terrified because as most of you know by now, I'm not a fan of running, and if I do make the attempt it's usually late in the evening when the harsh sun has started to go down. On top of that, Sarah's in really great shape. She takes Jiu Jitsu with Billy, rides horses, and runs regularly. I really didn't want to look bad in front of her but I also didn't want to wimp out. So off we went. We ran (and walked) almost three miles in the hot sun. It was crazy hard, but I got through it better than I thought. It really surprised me. After the running, we pulled out the P90X "Ab Ripper" DVD and laughed our way through all hardcore fifteen minutes of that. Come Wednesday, I decided to do a basic interval workout at my gym. Whew!

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    The next day, I decided it was time for a rest. Right when I was about to clock out of work, Sarah came by to pick up a quick lunch. She was in need of a fresh juice and told me to go heavy on the beets, as she was about to give blood (beets are a great source of iron, and in order to give blood one's iron count must be high enough). Perfect! I hadn't given blood in almost a year. And if I was going to take a rest from working out, I could at least guarantee that I would lose a pint that day. Sarah and I shared the veggie juice and a gluten-free egg salad sandwich on the way to the clinic. After the blood giving was complete, we came back to my house for a light dinner and some vegging out in front of the TV. I figured we had earned it.


    I'm not sure what's in store for me for the rest of the week, but I've definitely enjoyed myself so far. It seems that some of that pressure I've been feeling lately has been alleviated. Making a commitment to do something everyday seems to be working out. So even what that something is to take a rest, I know I made that decision in advance and I'm at peace with it. It feels a lot better than knowing I promised myself I would work out, then bailing out later when I decide I'm too tired (or whatever the excuse of the day may be). It may be an inconsistent way of doing things, but hey, whatever works right?


    One thing I have remained consistent on this week is good eating habits. I've turned my nose up to sugar, shied away from starchy carbs, and amped up my protein and veggies. And I've managed to eat some form of breakfast almost every day. I did have a little wine at dinner the other night but I'm not going to beat myself up about that. I still have to live. I haven't seen any improvement on the scale just yet, but for now I'm just happy that I'm back on the crazy track. It's far better than no track!

Published On: September 12, 2011