Beating Temptations in the Summer Heat

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  • I've had a pretty good week of staying true to my promise and doing something for my health every day. Mostly, it's been in the form of physical exercise. I found out I have a few more weeks left on my gym membership due to a misunderstanding with my start date vs. my cancellation date. So I decided to take advantage of that by going almost every day. I've made an effort to not push myself so hard that I won't want to come back, but on the other hand, I'm not wimping out with easy workouts. When I didn't go to the gym, I was at home doing the P90X cardio video, and of course walking the doggies. I was actually feeling pretty proud of myself toward the end of the week, which is precisely when I sat down to read the most recent article from Dr. Mercola's website ( In it, he discussed weight loss and the best way to accomplish one's goals. According to him, only 20% of the focus should be placed on the exercise portion. The other 80% of success should come from what we eat. Ah, but of course. Just when I'm doing well with the exercise stuff, I'm reminded that I'm still not committing to the healthiest of eating, which apparently is the most important step for my goals. Sigh.

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    I will say that I've been doing much better, even in the face of some mega stressors. I'm still trying to eat breakfast and for the most part have been keeping with the small, healthy meals throughout the day. But more often than I'd like, I'm still snacking too much between lunch and dinner, and I have a hard time saying no to ice cream. But the worst temptation by far, I admit, is beer. I'm sorry, but I really like it! Cracking a cold one on a hot summer day is just paradise. And we've had a few weeks of scorchers here in Virginia. The heat is one thing, but the humidity is entirely another. And at the end of the day when that sun starts to go down, I can think of almost nothing better then relaxing on someone's porch with a frosty Dos Equis, complete with salt and lime. What can I say; it's just a summer thing. But it's still a thing that makes my profile less than satisfactory, and I'm leaving for my beach vacation in less than a month. Something to think about anyway.


    Speaking of scorching heat, I heard from my friend Mollie via Facebook the other day. She works for the Army Corps of Engineers, and is currently doing a project in Bahrain, a small island state in the Middle East. Mollie has been struggling with her weight like me as long as we've known each other. So I had to laugh when her status reported that she was getting ready to start the "Ramadan Diet". What the heck was this? When she answered, she told me that during the month of Ramadan (a holy period in the Islamic calendar), every restaurant in Bahrain stays closed until 6 p.m. That means, "No cheating at lunch". I can imagine that would really help. You would be forced to pack lunch if you wanted it since you can't just run out for fast food. And if you're packing lunch, you might as well do it right. Mollie also said that it's been 110 degrees with 50% humidity every day, and since she walks around the job site all day, she's been sweating off the pounds...ten in two weeks to be exact. Go ahead girlfriend! But I don't know; knowing me I would most likely have to cap that hot, sweaty, and possibly foodless day off with a nice cold brew. Of course, Mollie tells me that all alcohol is crazy expensive over in Bahrain, so that in itself would deter any cheating. A move overseas may be in order. Hmm, maybe just a bit more self control will do. Working on it!

Published On: September 13, 2011