Food Can Heal the Body and the Soul

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  • "Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship". I chose to start off this week's sharepost with a quote from Buddha because this week has been a little spiritual, a little miraculous, and a lot uplifting and amazing. While some things are coming to an end (my gym membership officially expires in a few days), other things are offering me a new sense of contentment as they begin. A few weeks back I mentioned trying to get a small home cooking business going, so I made up some cards and put them in the natural market where I work. Lo and behold, Deb-the lady that did my health scan a few months back-had a new client who was quite overwhelmed at the results of her scan. An older woman, she had been having cognitive issues and was severely underweight. She was nervous at the thought of shopping for and preparing all of her new foods, so Deb handed her my card and sent her up to talk to me. Several minutes later, I had scored my first client and a consistent new income source. Talk about exciting! She wanted me five nights a week to start, until she got the hang of things, and would be paying me quite handsomely. I was completely ecstatic.

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    I spent that weekend going over Gene's health scan results and rotational diet plan that Deb had put together. It outlined the basics of what she need to eat and when. It would be my job to spin the basics into creative and delicious meals that she would hopefully love and eat. I put together a week's worth of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. On Monday, Gene met up with me after work and we headed out to the grocery store. It was wonderful being able to school her in what was a good choice versus a not so great choice, and to hear the delight in her voice when I told her what my plans were. That evening I cooked her first dinner, a Hawaiian pork tenderloin with coconut steamed fresh veggies. I took notes on how I prepared the meal, and let her taste things as I cooked. She was truly awestruck. I outlined her breakfast and lunch for the following day, and she hugged me as I left. Later, she called me to tell me how wonderful the meal was, and how happy she was to have me. Felt pretty darn good.


    Since Monday, I've cooked every evening for Gene and prepped her for the following day's first two meals. Last night, after I finished a gorgeous steak with sautéed green beans, she invited me to look around her house. Her house was amazing, filled with artifacts from her many years spent in India. A meditation room on the second level was graced with snowy white alpaca rugs, rich tapestries and a shrine to Buddha. We sat and talked for a long while, and she told me with tears in her eyes what an awful place she has been in since her husband's death ten years ago. She had basically given up on health and all but stopped eating. She thanked me profusely for coming into her life and then let me in on a little happy piece of knowledge...she had gained five pounds since we started working together. She threw her still skeletal arms around me and thanked me again. Wow. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Here was a woman who had given up on food and nutrition, and because I believe in b'shert ("meant to be" in Yiddish), we crossed paths. Simply through my love of cooking and the knowledge I've gained over the past two years at my job, I can help someone come back to life.


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    It's already an incredible gift to be able to help someone like this. But the universe works in other pretty amazing ways too. Because of my new source of income, I will be able to continue pursuing yoga, which became a passion of mine that I had to give up when money got too tight. I found a new class with my old teacher Wes's mother, who unbelievably, only charges five bucks for a two hour class. Finally, things seem to be looking up. With the gym being out of the picture (at least for now), I will still have my yoga, the great outdoors, and the pleading stares of my dogs to get me moving. Hippocrates definitely said it best; "Let thy food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food."

Published On: August 31, 2011