Stick to a Healthy Routine When on Vacation

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  • I've been back from Topsail Island for almost a week and I'm already missing the beautiful ocean, fresh seafood, and empty schedule. There's almost nothing better than waking up (not to the annoying sound of my alarm) knowing that I can do whatever I want and have no responsibilities. While I was on vacation, however, I did try to remember my responsibility to myself, and promise to try and do something healthy each day. It was helpful that my husband had only two weeks left until his next Muay Thai fight, so he was controlling his diet to make weight, and working out every other day. I decided not to go running with him (his preferred choice of exercise), but instead get a little creative.

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    One day, my mother-in-law asked me if I wanted to walk on the beach, "just to the peer and back". The walk turned out to be 4.4 miles in the hot sun, and if you have ever walked that far on the sand you know it wasn't an easy journey. When I returned, I looked like a sweaty lobster. But my glutes and thighs were sore for the next few days. Three days later, I decided to head to the local bookstore, where the island's one and only internet café was located. I needed to write my blog, so instead of driving, my husband put air in the tires of the bike we hauled from Virginia, and sent me on my way. I thought the store was much closer than it ended up being. Six miles later, a gross and panting me sat down to the computer. One blog and six miles after that, I was back at the house and feeling accomplished. A couple days later, I took a three mile walk/jog to town and back. Not too shabby.


    Other than those three days, I didn't do much else for exercise. But then again I was on vacation. I'm proud of myself for at least making those efforts. As far as the eating goes, I can't really say the same. I ate whatever and whenever I wanted. I did try for the first few days since Billy was doing so well. In past vacations, between me, him, and my sister and brother-in-laws, we crushed at least a case of beer a day. But with the newest little addition (my sweet nephew) in the picture and Billy's upcoming fight, the boozin' was definitely pittance in comparison. Food was the real problem. My brother-in-law is a huge snack hound, so the house was stocked with all kinds of junk food. I have a really hard time resisting that stuff when it's right in front of me. Meals were pretty good. I cooked several healthy meals and went out for lovely, fresh seafood several times. I ordered mine broiled instead of fried each time. But the snacking was definitely an issue. Lots of bread and sweets found their way into my belly.


    I wasn't too happy with myself for overdoing it with the unhealthy snacks. But I'm trying to keep things in perspective and be forgiving to myself. I managed to not put on any weight while on vacation, and I really enjoyed the beach. It's the place where I feel most at peace and most calm. I desperately needed that break before returning to the giant stress ball that can be my life. Now that I'm home, I'm thinking more about joining a gym. I have not gotten any exercise since I've been back, and I just don't think I have the discipline to do it on my own. I've had a crazy busy week with work, cooking, and family stuff. After the dust of Billy's fight settles, I intend to march right down to that gym and check things out.

Published On: September 27, 2011