Dreaming Big

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  • Billy's Muay Thai fight is finally over and his months of tough training, weight management, and mental exhaustion paid off. He won the bout by split decision and walked away with his third trophy, making his record an impressive 3-0. He has a good chance of being up for a title fight next, which would make him the 145 pound champ if he wins. I'm so proud of him, and grateful for what his years of training have given him. He started with a dream over five years ago, and it seemed crazy to everyone around him. He had little direction and not too much confidence. This was apparent not only in the new endeavor, but also in other facets of his life. He stuck it out, worked incredibly hard, and now has a legitimate future in front of him doing what he loves to do. He is happier, more confident, and knows what he wants. Now that is what a dream come true is about.

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    In the midst of all the training and ultimate celebrations, I was confronted with a bit of a crossroads in my own life and pursuit of happiness. In my last few shareposts, I've been discussing the little side business that's now getting off the ground. I'm enjoying cooking for clients in their homes, helping them to get through illness or bounce back from nutritional deficits.  I started to get really excited about actually pursuing this as a career possibility. While I was on my beach vacation, I bought a binder and started putting together some ideas for advertising, organizing, and recipes. I came back fully ready to start making some of those ideas a reality. But soon after I got back to work, I got a phone call from a company where I interviewed quite some time ago. I had all but forgotten about them but they said they had a new position open and wanted me to come back for a second interview. Out of pure curiosity, I took the interview.


    The open position was for a receptionist at a medical office. The job would be full time, with decent pay and amazing benefits. The interview went really well and I was told I would probably hear back from them in a week. That was a few days ago, and I've been freaking out ever since. I'm tired of struggling with money and if I'm planning to start a family anytime in the near future, then I'm going to need great insurance. Paid vacation sounds pretty sweet too. But I know that if I am offered this job and accept it, I will be moving away from the things I enjoy the most and very possibly losing the opportunity to pursue a business which could very well bring me the financial success I need along with the happiness I so desperately want. Just like Billy's, my dream would be a struggle, but with great potential and possibility. But I'm not positive I could make it happen. I really think I could, but I'm not 100% sure. So if I don't take the job, I would be missing out on a sure thing. It's just a sure thing I'm sure wouldn't make me happy. Talk about a mental health struggle.


    There's no doubt in my mind that following your heart and being happy is an integral part of one's health. But so is certainty and stability. Ah, the eternal battle of the right vs. left brain. It would be so nice if the two would just tumble into a perfect and comfortable marriage. Because that will never happen, I am going to be faced with a pretty serious decision. Maybe I should just take a breath and wait until I actually get the phone call. It's just nice to be prepared.

Published On: October 06, 2011