Setting Small Goals to Health

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  • This has been an odd week for me. The company I interviewed with the week before never called me back with a job offer, and I'm feeling a mixture of disappointment and relief. Disappointment because the idea of a stable job with great benefits is now back to being a distant dream. Relief because perhaps now the dream I was possibly meant to follow will have more of a shot of becoming a reality. Now, it's my responsibility to work as hard as I can on the business end of my cooking endeavor so that I may have a shot of making it a viable career. It's going to be difficult, especially with my crazy schedule. But things are changing with my home life, and soon a major source of stress will be gone for good. I've been waiting for that day, and promising that when it comes, I will get back to really taking care of myself. That includes my health, my future, and my happiness.

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    Speaking of my health, I still haven't been treating myself so well. Still trying to keep my promise to do something positive everyday, but admittedly not holding to it .The pounds have been creeping on and I'm frustrated about my clothes getting tighter. I recently pulled out a bag of winter clothes from my storage unit, and still have yet to try any on. But I'm trying to stay optimistic knowing that soon my stress levels will be coming way down, and I'll be able to once again focus on my needs. I am definitely going back to the gym. As promised, I went by my old gym to check on prices. As it turned out, they are running a fall special which gives new members their first month for free. I guess my sensible side decided to sleep on it, but I'm going this weekend to sign up. I'm actually really excited about getting back to working out. I've felt like such a sloth lately.


    One good thing about this week is that Billy has been taking time off from the gym too. He does have a broken foot from his recent Muay Thai fight, so I suppose that's a pretty reasonable excuse. Either way, it's been great to have him home and to spend some quality time together. He's been keeping busy working on his new truck as well, so he's a happy camper. The foot should be healed up soon and he will be back to his training. And I should be on my way to getting back on track. Ugh how many times have I said this?! I know, a lot. But every day is a new chance for a new beginning. And I know that all I can do is my best. It's been a tough summer, but I'm ready for a change.


    I have a very significant date coming up in just over two one year wedding anniversary! This will be a perfect time to work on a short term goal. Billy and I are going to get out of town together to celebrate the milestone. Friday night at his parent's mountain house in Southwestern VA, Saturday checking out the state parks and the VA Creeper Trail by bike, and Saturday night at a beautiful old hotel for a nice dinner and an overnight. I'm stoked. So I think a realistic goal would be to lose five pounds by the time we leave. I would love to feel good in a pretty new outfit for our dinner date, and I think it's an achievable target. I'm going to work really hard for the next to weeks to keep my eating in check and working out at the gym. If I can achieve this one small goal, maybe it will give me a little push to keep it going.

Published On: October 11, 2011