Celebrating a Year of Love, and Food!

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  • My one year wedding anniversary was everything I thought it would be, and more. I can't believe I was so stressed out about finding an outfit to wear for dinner. This was so typical Aubree. I was in meltdown mode at the mall, but once I was in that little house, far away from work and the stress of regular life, all of that melted away and I could fully immerse myself in the beauty of the mountains and the celebration of love. I never did find anything to wear, but I threw on my big girl pants (literally!) and dealt with it. I packed an outfit I already had in my closet (hmm...why didn't I just decide to do this before the dressing room debacle?), and picked Billy up from work to head down to Southwestern VA. I was excited! I was spending a weekend with my man, just the two of us, and what more did I really need?

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    Once settled in to the mountain house, Billy and I popped the first of several bottles of fine champagne (you know, the $5.00 grocery store kind), and toasted our arrival. We spend the following day in food heaven. I whipped up a big breakfast which we enjoyed with mimosas, then headed down the windy road, ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the colorful leaves and sweeping vistas of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains. We walked around the main street of charming downtown Abington, checking out antique stores and stopping for lunch at an old fashioned soda shop (which Obama was a guest of several years back!). Of course we had to try their classic burgers and real fountain cherry coke (vanilla for Billy). After, we lounged around the house until it was time for dinner. We had reservations at a fancy hotel restaurant, where we shared a bottle of merlot and a couple of appetizers before diving into the main courses. For dessert, our server offered us a complimentary piece of some of the most amazing peanut butter pie I've ever had. A split of champagne and a toast later, we were on our way back home for snuggling and a movie.


    The following day, Billy surprised me with a scavenger hunt to find items that we would later put in a time capsule (yep, his idea...I know I'm a lucky girl!). While I was busy reading his notes and searching, he prepared a huge breakfast of homemade cinnamon raisin French toast and maple sausage. Before we sat down though, he insisted on serving me coffee and warm cinnamon rolls on the deck. I was full of yummy food and overwhelmed by affection as we packed the car to leave. On the way down the mountain, we stopped at an overlook and re-read our wedding vows to each other, right around the same time our wedding took place one year earlier. What a perfect weekend.


    When we returned home and got back to reality, I began listening to the audio version of the book I started months ago but never finished. "Intuitive Eating" places emphasis on never forbidding any food, but rather allowing ourselves to eat what we want, when we want, as long as we learn to tune in to our bodies' signals. When we learn to listen to those signals, we will naturally stop eating when comfortably full, and no longer desire unhealthy foods since we know we can have them anytime we want. I'm really going to try and dive into these concepts because I truly believe that there is a way to find that balance and once again enjoy food without guilt. For now, I plan to continue to celebrate this beautiful autumn weather by testing out some great new seasonal recipes on my family and my new home cookin' client. I'm also back at the gym regularly and getting outside more in the afternoons with the dogs. Cool weather is the ultimate motivation for me, so I better take advantage before the snow comes.

Published On: October 31, 2011