Giving Thanks (for the Pepto)

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  • Thanksgiving. A day reserved for the celebration of the harvest and the coming together of two very different peoples. Somehow, most Americans tend to only remember the harvest part, although that idea usually gets translated into "let's eat ‘til we can't feel our faces, watch football, and pass out in a turkey-induced coma."  Talk about sabotage. And I was doing so well on my diet! Seems like it never fails; one week I'm brimming with hope and newfound motivation, and the next I'm clutching my stomach in agony as the turkey-sweet potato-stuffing-cranberry-pie extravaganza does its special work on my digestive system. And each year, during my pre-feast (self) pep talk, I promise to do things like "take it easy", and "eat small portions". Or the very humorous, "just skip dessert." HA! How do the successful dieters do it during holidays? I really want to know.

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    Billy and I have actually never-in almost eight years-spent a Thanksgiving together. We have never seen the holiday as a big deal so we usually go our separate ways to spend time with our own families. Even last year, as newlyweds, we shrugged it off and he headed south while I stayed with my mom to celebrate with her oldest friend, whose two sons I've known since I was a newborn. It's always a good experience, but we miss each other. This year, we decided it was about time we acted like a married couple and spend the holiday together. So we made the trip down to North Carolina and arrived literally just in time for dinner. The weather was unbelievably warm, so my mother-in-law had a beautiful table set up outside on the deck. I don't think I've ever seen so much food in my life. That deliciousness, combined with the balmy day and the buzz of loving family (and ok, the lots and lots of wine) encouraged me to celebrate the moment. And by that, I mean eat. I did take very small portions, but after the appetizers, dinner and dessert, I was stizzzuffed. That's stuffed, times a hundred.


    Between the holiday and everything that goes along with it (short but busy work week, packing and preparations, travel, etc.), I admit I neglected the gym. And since I've been back in Virginia, I have been crazy busy cooking three nights a week for clients, starting the much-needed but overwhelming task of cleaning out our barn, helping my hubby get ready for his new job (someone has to iron the dress shirts and pack lunch!), and preparing for the arrival of my best friend from Raleigh and my annual "Christmahanukwanzaaka" dinner party celebration...that's right, more food. This time, I will be hosting and cooking for twenty-three people. Yikes. So needless to say, I have not been to the gym, and I've been less than concerned about my diet. I definitely feel it too.


    I'm so mad. I was doing really, really well and then BLAM, nothing. I hate that busy-ness and stress get in the way, especially when I truly felt ready for a change and was starting to lose the pounds. I could beat myself up because that's what I usually do, but what's the point? I have to get through the party and then take it one day at a time...again. It's just never ending! And again I have to wonder how some people manage to get through the holidays while not just maintaining their weight, but also losing it. Are these folks superheroes? Do they have some sort of magical gene that I'm lacking? Is willpower really that hard to come by? At least I'm not alone, that is one constant I can count on.

Published On: December 06, 2011