Working (out) around pain

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  • I made it to the gym again this week. That makes twice so far in January. I know that doesn't sound like a lot, but trust me, right now it's a big accomplishment. After hearing about my friends' resolutions and how they are trying to stick to them, I felt a little extra kick of motivation. Or maybe it was guilt that I haven't been sticking to my own. Either way...whatever gets me there, right? So I went one morning before work, deciding to get it over with early. It had been almost a week since my previous workout, so I decided to limit myself to a thirty minute run and some stretching, hoping to avoid being too sore afterwards.

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    I was pleasantly surprised to find the thirty minutes passing quickly. A few months ago, I dropped my beloved iPod in the toilet and was unable to fix it, so now I have no music to help me get through my workouts. Despite this dismal fact, I pressed on while silently watching the unfolding news surrounding Governor Rick Perry and his decision to drop out of the presidential race. Thrilling. Somehow, the time and miles went by fairly quickly, and before I knew it I had nearly three miles behind me, not to mention a head full of boring (to me) political rubbage. But it was only the former I cared about. I was completely psyched to have run that far and not collapsed. It struck me as odd though that I had such an easy time with this session, considering how long it had been since my last one. I thought the coveted "runners high" was only supposed to happen after prolonged and consistent periods of exercise. Well, whatever, I wasn't going to question it. I came, I ran, and I conquered.


    My victorious feeling was unfortunately short-lived. I woke up the next morning with a horrific pain in the top of my right foot, and deep in my left ankle. I hobbled around like an old lady at work all day. And for me, there is no sitting down to rest. I'm on my feet every moment, and I run up and down the stairs at least six times a day. I was so bummed. I had been ready to go back to the gym for another good workout, but the pain was too bad so I had no choice but to go home and rest. The next day, I was relieved to find the top-of-the-foot pain gone, but my ankle still throbbed. Here I am, three days later, and it's still throbbing. I'm not sure if it was just my running that put strain on the ankle, or if I really injured it. I don't remember feeling anything pop. Either way, it hurts, and it sucks. I was thinking that maybe I should at least try some upper body stuff until I can get back to cardio. Pushups and crunches wouldn't kill me after all. Yeesh. The thought makes me cringe.


    I have a few friends dealing with injuries lately that are preventing them from getting their workouts in. One has a bad case of sciatica along with major lower back pain. And one has two horribly bulged discs that are leaking fluid and causing degenerative arthritis. This poor girl can't ride horses anymore, her absolute passion in life. So I suppose it could always be worse, and I should be thankful that this is just a little setback and not some major catastrophe. It just feels like when it comes to my resolutions, something always seems to stand in my way. But that's enough whining for tonight. Since I'm finishing this blog up at a decent hour, I could certainly stop complaining and go do some crunches instead. I think I just might.

Published On: January 24, 2012