Elimination Diet Time

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  • Last week I wrote about House Bill 345 that, if passed, would make getting health-related nutrition advice from anyone other than a doctor or registered dietitian impossible. My friend Cheryl, a certified holistic health coach, went down to Richmond to argue against the passing of the bill last week. I finally heard from her last night, and she told me that the issue has been tabled until next year. This is good and bad, she explained, because although some time has been bought, the bill isn't just going away as hoped. But at least my friends get another year to help people like me make better choices through simple and well-rounded advice.

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    In other news, I finally got my butt back to yoga yesterday. It's been months since my last class, and since I had a recent spark of motivation lately I decided to take advantage of my positive energy and try to improve my cobras. Almost three hours and a sweaty t-shirt later, I was pooped but feeling happy and accomplished. I'm definitely very rusty, but my teacher said I would more than likely get back into the swing of things with more regular attendance. If today is any indication of how I might feel until I get used to yoga again, then I really hope I can stay excited about going. Because I am sore. I think I forgot I had triceps. But that beloved yoga-bliss feeling certainly makes it all worth it. Sore triceps and all, I will return.


    I'm also excited this week about an elimination diet I planned and started today. My nearly thirty-three year old skin is so broken out that I almost feel like the extra pounds I'm carrying around don't even compare. Almost. But since I'm dealing with both skin and weight problems, I decided now would be the perfect time to go hardcore on the diet to see if the changes will not only help me lose some weight, but also clear up my skin.

    The best plan of attack to out what's going on is to eliminate known food allergens for a short period of time, then slowly add them back into the diet and watch what happens. I've always known I'm sensitive to gluten and dairy, so those have to go (and for longer than one week like I did last time). Another group I'm eliminating is nightshades. These include white potatoes, all peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes. Did you know that all of these foods contain nicotine?? Neither did I! Tobacco is also a nightshade. I learned that nightshades have a well-known history of causing inflammation to those with sensitivities, and nicotine inhibits the body's natural healing process. AND it's addictive, duh. So if you have an allergy to nightshades, your reactions are likely to be annoying to severe, and go away slowly if ever. People that have arthritis are often advised by holistic practitioners to avoid nightshades. And...drum roll please...so are people with skin conditions like acne and eczema. Inflammation rears its ugly head in many ways. Gluten and dairy can also be top criminals when it comes to inflammation. So my plan is to completely eliminate all three for three whole weeks, keep a journal about if/how my body reacts, then do the same when I start adding those possible suspects back into my diet. On the flip side, eating the right foods for my body should cause a nice harmonious environment, so I'm also going to make it a goal it have a fresh juice every day, drink lots of water, and eat a little less meat and a lot raw foods. 


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    Since I'm attacking this problem like an experiment, I don't feel that depressed about it. In fact it sounds kind of fun. And since I'm focusing more on my skin and my overall health rather than my weight, I'm not going to feel bogged down by that kind of worry. If it happens it happens. I'll keep the updates coming; today is day one!

Published On: February 08, 2012