Elimination Diet is Over, Welcome Back Exercise

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  • Today marked my final day of the elimination diet. Three weeks without gluten, dairy or nightshade veggies (tomatoes, peppers, white potatoes, and eggplant). I am so proud of myself for making it without too much cheating, and I feel so good that I've decided to continue for another couple of weeks before starting to add the food groups back in. As a matter of fact, I just might stick to being gluten and dairy-free (at least mostly), because I've noticed such a huge improvement in my digestion, fatigue level, and skin. And, my weight is still down. Not eating gluten or dairy nearly eliminates the possibility of eating too much junk. The nightshades are harder because they really are in so many things I love to eat, so my plan is to wait a few more weeks, add them in slowly and watch carefully for negative reactions. If there are none, I will probably keep eating them, but I'll surely be more conscious about how much. Too much of even a good thing can cause imbalances.

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    To celebrate the three week achievement, I decided to reward myself by going to the gym. Ok, I'm totally kidding about the reward part. But I was pumped enough to haul myself there for the first time since my ankle injury. It seems like forever since I walked through that door, and I was a little nervous because even after all of this time, my ankle is still sore. But whatever, I'm a soldier and it was about time to march on. The goal was to ease back into my workouts and not put too much strain on my ankle. I started with a twelve minute light walk on the treadmill, and then moved into a modified "Sandy Workout". I did four sets of the following (first three moves using the Cable Cross machine):

    • Lat pull downs/lunge combo, 25 total
    • Abdominal twists, 15 each side
    • Crunches on the balance ball, first ten holding the cables and pulling weight, next ten holding the cable and alternating punches while pulling weight
    • 10 pushups (regular, not "lady-style")
    • 30-45 second planks (front, and each side)
    • Three minute bursts on the elliptical at intensity 25
    • 5 minute walking cool down, followed by stretching


    So there it is. I called it a "baby" workout, which it felt like, but I'm still happy about it. I took some repairing enzymes afterwards to help ward off any pain and inflammation, and so far my ankle feels ok. It never hurt during the workout, so I'm hopeful I can keep this up and build on it until I can get back to some more intense workouts. For now, I want to keep it light, keep walking the doggies, and keep going to pole fitness classes and yoga. In fact, I'm already signed up for my next set of classes.


    Moving into March brings up excitement over the coming spring season. One thing that I've been dying to do is get back into a kayak. I used to really enjoy paddling when I was in college, and it's a great workout too. So that's a goal I'm setting for the spring and summer; I'm going to try and find a group to go kayaking with, even if it's just a few times this year. I was inspired when I went to Bass Pro Shop the other day for my mom's service dog recertification test, and I browsed through some beautiful boats. Not too pricey either! Buying one may still be out of reach, but renting one and joining a group for a paddle certainly isn't. Think I might just start my search tonight.

Published On: February 27, 2012