Hitting a Plateau

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  • Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to haul out the spring and summer wardrobe, cross your fingers and pray at least something still fits. That was my usual routine in years past, and it’s always been slightly (or very) traumatizing. This year, however, I felt just a twinge of optimism as I started to pull summer dresses, tanks and bathing suits out of the black garbage bags where they had been stored all winter long. Since I have been doing my elimination diet, my weight is down around fifteen pounds and I definitely noticed a change in the way my clothes were fitting. But jeans and hoodies are one thing…bathing suits and sundresses are another entirely. So I held my breath and started trying things on, one by one.  Many of the items I had stored away knowing they didn’t fit, and just hoping one day they would. To my utter delight, not only did those things now fit, but some were even too big! I specifically recall this one sweet little white halter tank top that I just loved. It has a side zipper I could barely close last fall, but on this day, it zipped right up and felt a touch baggy. Hooray!! Nothing like an epic try-on session to help get me re-motivated.  It felt like Christmas in March.

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    I have been at a bit of a stalemate since the weight started to even out. Although I have continued to stick to my new healthy eating plan for nearly seven weeks now, I haven’t lost any in almost two weeks. I know that everyone plateaus, so I just have to find a way to tweak the diet and get my body back on track. I’m thinking I need to cut back on the grains again (even though I’m eating gluten-free grains, which are easier to digest and do not interfere with the absorption of nutrients, they are still grains and tend to stick). And I have definitely been enjoying the hard cider, which is gluten-free but full of sugar. But St. Paddy’s day has come and gone, so cutting back is kind of a no-brainer. I do really enjoy those ciders though!

    I’ve also been admittedly lazy about getting my workouts in too, so I know that has an effect on the plateau. I missed yoga last week because I had to start house/dog sitting for some friends, and that’s been keeping me pretty busy this week. Between caring for the house and dog, going to work, and running home to check on my mom and the animals there, I haven’t had time to do much else. The great thing is that the house is right near the heart of town, so I’ve been taking the doggies on some really good walks, which we have all enjoyed immensely. The weather here in Virginia has been unbelievably amazing! 

    I fully intend to get outside as much as possible and enjoy nature this season, especially before it gets too hot and I have no choice but to be confined within the walls of the gym.  Between big plans for kayaking, the mountain bike stashed in my barn, and numerous opportunities for hiking and camping, I should be able to keep busy and get some great exercise before summer hits with all of its fierce east coast intensity. For now, I plan to enjoy a cider on the deck and a few long walks into old town. Spring has sprung, and plateau or not, life is about enjoying the present. And that is all I want and need to do right now.

Published On: March 23, 2012