Spring "Fever"

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  • I've been back and forth between slightly and moderately under the weather for the past three weeks, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is. Every year, right around this time, I start feeling a cold coming on, and that feeling lasts for a while before developing into an all out severe sinus infection. The only cure is a strong course of antibiotics, which for those of you that know me, if a total last resort. This year, I felt the symptoms coming on and immediately attacked them with every voodoo hippie witch doctor remedy (aka "natural" and "homeopathic"...yeah, I like to poke fun at myself) that I could think of. I increased my exercise hoping to sweat out the bug, and tried to get some extra rest. For the first two weeks, this combo of rediculousness seemed to be working. This week, I've taken a slight turn downhill and started coughing and feeling crazy fatigued. Despite this, the sinus infection hasn't yet reared its ugly head, so either I'm just dampening the effects of whatever's going on, or my body is just way too confused to take that next step.

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    I have to admit that my diet hasn't been all that great lately. I certainly haven't gone back to full blown dairy and gluten consumption, but I have cheated a few times and even shared a pizza (yes, one full of real cheese and gluten-y deliciousness) with a friend last weekend. I was just really curious about how incorporating these things back into my diet would affect me, if at all. This was the original plan when I started the elimination diet two months ago, but I was feeling so good that I decided to keep it going. But curiosity got the better of me and I went a little overboard, so I have to wonder if this yuck bug is simply a coincidence or if it has anything to do with the changes to my diet. It would appear that round one would have to go to coincidence. I get this thing every year, and sure enough it's right on time in 2012. But in taking a deeper look, I realized that never getting that sinus infection (yet, fingers crossed!) has to mean something. The link between dairy and respiratory issues alone is enough to convince me that taking that away has only helped in that aspect. And since I've snuck it in here and there, it may have aggravated my system just enough to cause an annoyance, but not develop any further.


    I really wish that I had not eaten the "forbidden" foods so that I might have seen how this little illness had developed without the dietary changes in question. But oh well, what can I do but learn from the experience? Next March, I will have to keep to the diet and see what happens. In the meantime, I'll just keep taking all my remedies in hopes of a faster recovery. I did break down and buy some ‘real" meds today, I think it was Allegra or Claritin or something, just to see if I can feel normal for a bit. I have nothing against Western medicine, I just feel like doing what I can to avoid it if it's at all possible, especially if it means taking in some extra fresh juices and local honey...yum.


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    My weight is still holding steady at around a fifteen pound loss, but I'm happy with that right now. I feel good, and feel more confident in my clothing. As a matter of fact, I had to cinch a pair of skinny jeans with a belt the other night so they wouldn't fall off. These things fit me last year, so that was enough of a victory to get me through the week feeling successful. It's always the little things that matter most!

Published On: April 02, 2012