Up to my neck in frustration

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  • I had a pretty significant setback last week brought about by my pillows. Yes that’s right, I did say my pillows are to blame. I have far too many pillows on my bed. I like having them there because I like to prop up while watching movies at night before bed. Problem is, when I fall asleep I tend to turn onto my stomach, which means that my head is jacked up at a nasty angle which is where it stays all night, propped up from the wrong direction by all those crazy pillows. So the other morning, I woke up to a terrible pain in my neck and upper back. I could barely turn my head without a searing bolt of lightning shooting down my body. I knew I was going to have to just wait this thing out, and that meant no gym time. Sigh! I was so ready to start working hard again. I’d been out off and on because of my ankle, which was finally feeling good. I was so bummed. I kept myself moving all week as much as I could. I walked my dogs twice a day when the weather was agreeable, and did some light stretching at home. After a few days of suffering and stagnation, I begged my good friend Candace (uhhmazing massage therapist, and the same friend who had hip replacement surgery a few months back) to work on me a little. She sweetly agreed, and saw me the next day. She worked through lots of crunchy sounding knots to get to what she called a pinched nerve. I hurt really badly, but ended up passing out on the table under the gentleness of her expert hands. When I woke up at the end of the session, she told me I needed a lot more work. Apparently, I have just a little bit of stress stored in my back (ok, a lot, but I’m really not complaining). I did feel much better though, and was at least able to turn my head again. Over the next few days, I went back to the gym for a few light jogs on the treadmill, which didn’t seem to bother me too much. I did a thirty minute interval run one day, and a twenty minute Dr. Mercola “peak 8” on another. Today, I was feeling pretty good and decided to brave a “Sandy Workout”, referring to my trusty old journal to find one that I didn’t think would kill me. Here is what I ended up with: • A five minute jog to warm up, followed by five rounds of: • 5 pull ups (assisted, of course!) • 10 pushups (with hands on the flat side of the Bosu ball) • 20 body weight squats, and • 10 each side, lateral lunges crossing over with a ten pound dumbbell And finish with some good stretching. As of right now, my neck feels mostly fine, but I wonder how I’ll be doing in the morning. I have got to keep it up though, and can’t let anything stop me. Summer is right around the corner, and I desperately want to feel good in my clothes. I’ve been slipping something major on my clean eating too, so I’m going to have to get back on track if I really want to look and feel my best. It’s amazing how much different I feel with putting just a little bit of gluten and dairy back into my diet. But I know I can do it…just hope my soon-to-be thirty-three year old body decides to accommodate my journey.

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Published On: April 09, 2012