Southern Discomfort

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  • I took a little mini vacation this past weekend to see my best friend Margarette in North Carolina. She was throwing a party in honor of her thirty-third birthday, and there was no way I could miss that. Besides, I hadn’t seen her since around Christmas, and I missed her terribly. The party was going to be held at the same place she had her bachelorette party back in 2008; a crazy bar called Rum Runners in the heart of downtown Raleigh. Rum Runners is a dueling pianos bar, and Margarette had actually won her party during a contest. All of her guests would be treated to a stocked, Southern-style buffet, half off drinks, and lots of great entertainment. As soon as I heard about the buffet, I knew I was toast. I was already dreaming about a trip to Bojangles for some of their famous Cajun filet biscuits and sweet tea. But a whole buffet of Southern comfort food? Not good.

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    I had the best of intentions while packing for my trip. I took a little cooler stocked with bottled water, fruit, veggie sticks, and gluten-free sweet potato chips. My diet had definitely been slipping up to that point and I knew it was going to be a tough weekend for food temptations, so I was really going to try to make up for whatever I would be doing by at least snacking healthy during the four plus hour drive.  Pshhh!! Not even two hours into the trip I had a serious craving for something warm and ended up getting sandwich from the first Sheetz gas station I happened upon. Well this was certainly not setting the stage for success!

    I arrived in Raleigh feeling slightly bloated with just enough time to take a quick shower, put on something cute, and head over to Rum Runners. Margarette was already there with her husband and a few friends, and after big hugs and my drink order (no gluten-free beer in sight), I was pointed in the direction of the buffet. The shining, golden, angels-singing-above Southern smorgasbord. This thing was stocked with all of my old Carolina favorites: two kinds of barbeque, pasta and potato salad, buttery rolls, and a variety of desserts. Thank god for the green salad! I decided on a pile of barbeque (no bun), a little bit of potatoes, and a large portion of garden salad. I passed on the desserts, knowing I’d be putting away enough liquid calories later to make up for it. And I certainly did.  The night was as fun as I imagined it would be. Lots of great music, a little bit of embarrassment, and the company of the sweet birthday girl.

    The next morning, a slightly hung over and even more bloated me woke up with the realization that I would be spending the afternoon with Margarette at a four-year-old’s birthday party. More food!! The party was at the children’s museum, which was a cool place under normal circumstances. But on this day, dealing with a million screaming kids wasn’t really at the top of my list. But I put on my happy face, sang the birthday song and enjoyed pizza and cake with everyone else. I even drank a soda (gasp!). The outdoor flea market (and a hot dog) followed the party, and the day ended with me cooking a healthy home made dinner for the family…followed by a thaw-and-serve Edy’s peanut butter cup pie. After a Bojangles breakfast Sunday morning, I headed back to Virginia with an all out tummy ache and a guilty conscious.

  • Back home, the scale told the story I didn’t want to hear. I won’t even mention the number.  Three days later, I have another cold, and am feeling like the biggest loser ever (not in a good way). My birthday is right around the corner, so instead of using that as an excuse to eat even more, I hope to celebrate an opportunity to feel my best. Summer is almost here, and that bathing suit will be making an appearance before I know it. Time to get back on track!

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Published On: April 18, 2012