The "Moving On" Workout

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  • The weather cooled off this week, hooray! And when I say cooled off, I mean it dropped nearly forty degrees. Yes, I did say forty. This time last week we hit 104 (which felt like the seventh circle of hell with the heat index), so everyone was doing a happy dance on Friday when the thermometer read sixty-six. You would have thought it was the first day of spring. People were out and about, walking their dogs on Main Street and sitting outside on the patios of restaurants enjoying cocktails. I was ecstatic, because this weekend meant moving time for me. And who wants to move in a hundred plus degree weather? Not this girl!

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    I have been pretty private throughout this year on the circumstances surrounding my intensely high stress levels. Not that I haven’t wanted to share with you—my dear readers—every detail of my life as it pertains to health and wellness. But some things are better left unsaid, at least for the time being, especially when it comes to protecting loved ones. But I’m ready to share the first tidbits because they relate to my move. So here it comes (deep breath): I got divorced this month. I know I have not mentioned my (now ex) husband in quite some time. I am not interested in “dishing dirt” or being unfriendly. All I can say is that it is a very sad situation, and it’s been an enormously difficult year. I began writing this blog in January of 2010, when I was barely three months into my engagement, and blissed out of my mind. I shared with you every gory detail, from my struggles with weight as I tried to fit into my dress, to my body image issues as I daydreamed about wearing a bikini on myBahamas honeymoon, and everything in between. You came to know me through the ups and downs leading to my special day. And it was special. I felt beautiful in my dress and I rocked that bikini. I loved my husband with my whole heart, but we both made mistakes that ultimately led to the end of our short marriage, and of our long relationship. Now I have to move on, and that means sharing with you how I am managing my life “After Divorce” (AD). And that brings me to the physical act of moving.

    Because of the situation my stepfather left my mom (with whom I live) in, our home was foreclosed on by the bank late this winter. Fast forward to July, and mom and I are preparing to go our separate ways. This is a giant change for us both. Her Multiple Sclerosis has worsened, and my care and help has been required more often. But after everything I have been through, I just know I needed to take a little time out for me, and find a place of my own. Mom was more than understanding, and she was fortunate enough to secure a new home that is being built 100% handicap accessible for her. I will be in a townhouse not terribly far away, and will continue to help her out often. My plan is to stay overnight with her at least one night per week, and visit several more days. She will have friends and neighbors to look in on her, and my gut tells me that although I am feeling nervous and guilty, this will be a good thing for both of us. It may not last long, but at least while she is still walking I want to give it a try.

  • My move started on Friday during the much-welcomed break in heat. I had actually been to the gym two or three times last week, but I knew there would be no time on Friday. Not to worry. If any of you don’t think that moving counts as a workout, think again. I must have gone up and down three flights of stairs at least a hundred times (that might be a slight exaggeration, but whatever!). And thank goodness it was “cool” out, because halfway through I was feeling drops of sweat pour down my back as if I were in the middle of a marathon. When all was said and done, my legs and butt were sore, my arms were on fire, and my clothes were all stuck to me (do NOT wear jeans during a summertime move, just sayin’). I would say I most certainly earned the ice cream bar I was just dying for when we finished. I still have a little bit to go but most of the big stuff is done. My plan is to stay with my mom until she has finished her move, and spend a few nights here and there in the new place. Once I’m officially in, I will have quick access to the bike path which will allow me to walk or bike the 1.2 miles to work everyday, and to walk my dog or jog whenever I can. I’m really looking forward to the new setup; there is no way I can fail at improving now that I will be literally steps from a perfect place to get moving, not to mention the space I so desperately needed to focus on me.

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Published On: August 03, 2012