Getting Into the Groove

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  • Since moving into my new home, I haven’t taken full advantage of living so close to the bike trail because the weather has been hot and horrible. I have attempted a few runs here and there and walked my dog of course, but it wasn’t until this past week that I really got into the groove and actually started enjoying the trail. The weather here has been simply gorgeous; mid-seventies, very little humidity and no rain. On Tuesday, I got home from work around six and took my dog for a walk. After returning her to the house and doing a little bit of laundry and cleaning, I decided I would go for a run. It was getting dark, but I knew I wouldn’t be long so I tied on my sneakers, grabbed my iPod and headed back to the trail.

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    By the time I made my way down the first stretch, the tree cover had me nearly in darkness. But my fear of some crazy person jumping out and grabbing me only served to make me run faster (by the way, don’t try this at home!). I got to the first clearing where a streetlight brightened my way, then took a deep breath and continued back into the increasing darkness. I ran to the next clearing where the street met the trail, so I made a left turn onto the street and turned back toward my house. Another turn put my on a slight uphill climb on another street, but it was quick and before I knew it I was back on the trail. By then it was almost totally dark. My music was keeping me motivated but I considered the potential danger of not being able to hear someone behind me, so I turned it down a bit and kept going. My heart was pounding and I ran even faster as I was nearing the end of the trail. I made it without any issue and walked the rest of the way back to my house to cool down. It was about 1.5 mile total run, and I did it without stopping, so I was pretty proud.


    Wednesday night was just as pretty as Tuesday so I ran the same route again, only I did it with plenty of daylight left. Thursday I decided to go to the “hardcore abs” class at my gym before work, and had enough time beforehand to get in a few little exercises and a quick run on the treadmill. Come Friday I was ready for a good rest and decided to take the weekend off. Little did I know I would be getting in a full workout on Saturday! My best high school friend, Brooke, called to tell me that her husband Nathan had one tickets to a concert and wanted to know if I could come. The show was being put on by a local radio station, DC 101, and was called “Kerfluffle”. It featured some of my favorite 90’s bands, including Garbage, The Offspring, and Sublime (with Rome as their singer). I was absolutely pumped!


    We arrived at the venue with a couple hours of tailgating time ahead of us. I had decided to bring my hula hoop and ended up being very glad I did. I got in some good hooping in the parking lot, and even Brooke and Nathan gave it a try. Several strangers came up to watch and complimented us. It was a great way to start the night, because by the time we got to the lawn, I had already worked up a sweat. The bands surpassed my expectations. They were all incredible, but Sublime was especially magical. I danced throughout the entire set, and was soaked by the time The Offspring came on. So I just kept dancing. We all had a blast and went home very happy campers. I slept on Sunday and just relaxed all day. My “hoop kisses” are still healing and my muscles are sore, but they are lovely reminders of the fun I’ve been having and the exercise I’ve enjoyed. Looking forward to another healthy week!

Published On: September 16, 2012