Week 3: Slip n' Slide

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  • I’m nearing the end of the third week into my healthy new lifestyle. Although I’m continuing to improve in many areas, I’ve found myself in a few difficult situations this week regarding my commitment to the diet. A few nights ago, I had a major slip when I was upset and went just bonkers on my boyfriend’s junk food collection. Up until that night, I had been feeling generally positive and even. But it didn’t take much (really, I think it was just PMS!) for the old emotional eating issue to rear its ugly head. Now, when I say I went bonkers, I really did…cheese puffs, a rice crispy treat, chocolate, and cheesecake. It’s painful to even put this out there for the public, but I think admission is part of the self-forgiveness process and as you know, I’ve always been honest with my readers. Some of you might be thinking, “That’s what happens when you deprive yourself”. Well, yes and no. I haven’t felt deprived at all, actually quite the opposite. I have felt lovely; full of energy, healthy, and vibrant. There have been moments where I have thought about how well a glass of wine would go with my meal, or how a piece of pizza would taste pretty divine. But I refrained and felt great doing it. The reward outweighs the “in the moment” desire. I am down five pounds, and a total of two inches. And that’s despite my night of junk food debauchery.

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    The way I see it is that I’m still a human being, and we all have our moments of weakness. I wasn’t happy about such an epic slip, but at least I understand it. I’ve done so well the past three weeks, so I have to just put this behind me and move on. Keep on truckin’. I seem to have successfully gotten the snacking under control by drinking plenty of lemon water and chewing natural gum. I have been faithful to my gluten and cow-dairy free diet (other than the night-which-we-shall-never-again-mention), and I am keeping up with my stay-active promise. I finally got my yoga pass, and I’m looking forward to adding one class per week into my routine. With the weather getting increasingly colder and more miserable, finding things to do indoors (other than the often-boring gym) will be as essential to my sanity as it is to my success. Thank goodness for my hula hoop! Michelle--the creator of my hoop and owner of Inspiral Hoops (www.inspiralhoops.com )— is currently  at work making my fabulous new “Chakra” hoop. It will be slightly lighter for practicing more tricks and working out the abs a bit harder. And it will be all sparkly and rainbow-y too. Can’t wait.


    In the works for week four is an exciting new experiment which will hopefully help me to feel even better and accelerate my results. I have been doing some research on intermittent fasting, which used to be more controversial but is now coming out among respected doctors and holistic practitioners as a very healthy and beneficial style of eating. And I promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds. The idea is to eat normally (still keeping health in mind, of course) for five days per week, and then to restrict your calories to about 500 (400 for a man) on the other two days. That works out to about one small meal a day on fast days. Alternatively, you can eat normally every day of the week, but restrict your eating to a particular eating time (say, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.). This would mean skipping breakfast (gasp!), a concept that has been shot down for ages but is now becoming widely accepted in the health community. I think I’m going to try the two day fasting first, as it seems to be a better fit for my lifestyle. I’ll report more on this next week, but for now, check out this article for more information, and if you are a little skeptical (just like I was at first): http://fitness.mercola.com/sites/fitness/archive/2013/01/18/intermittent-fasting-approach.aspx?e_cid=20130118_DNL_art_1&utm_source=dnl&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20130118 

Published On: January 24, 2013