Wrapping up January

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  • Well my friends, we have officially reached the end of January. My month of abstinence will be over tomorrow, and I as I write this, I’m sitting with a delicate mix of emotions. Physically, I feel really good. I got through the detox phase (headaches, breast pain, and more!) of eliminating gluten, cow’s dairy, processed sugar and alcohol about halfway through the month, so I’m feeling better everyday. My energy levels are steadily climbing, I’m sleeping better, and my body feels stronger and lighter. I’ve lost ten pounds thus far, and a total of 5.5 inches. In my eyes, that’s an incredible success for one month, especially considering that I did it with good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise. No gimmicks, no drastic measures, no pills. And I had a few slip ups here and there. So that’s definitely something to be proud of. And I certainly am. I guess my emotional state is funky because I gave this elimination diet an end date, and I’m struggling to decide whether or not to continue with 100% effort or not. I am pretty positive I’m going to stick to gluten and cow dairy-free diet. My real debate is over the alcohol. I know I’m better off without it. But should I swear it off for good? Can I not even handle one glass of a lovely wine to sip at dinner now and then? What about girls’ nights, and other special occasions? These questions I need to ponder. This month has been eye-opening, and I think anything is possible, but I suppose I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

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    In other news, that “flu” I supposedly had last week came and went in one short day. I took four doses of Oscillococcinum (a homeopathic flu remedy) along with several doses of colloidal silver and a bunch of vitamins. I woke up feeling right as rain, which made no sense to me considering I felt close to the brink of death on Sunday, but what can I say, I have to give it up for alternative medicine! Since I was feeling so much better this week, I decided to finally use my newly acquired yoga pass at my beloved White Flower Studio. Because of my crazy schedule, it worked out to take a Tuesday evening “Yin Yoga” class at7 p.m.I am in LOVE! Yin yoga is not an athletic style, super-active flow practice. It focuses more on stretching and opening the body using seated and laying poses and props like blankets and blocks to enhance comfort. After each pose, you rest in downward dog or child’s pose. And at the end there is the always delightful “Shavasana”, or final rest, during which I tend to enter a delicious, dream-like meditative state (right on the brink of sleep, but not quite). I emerged from class feeling refreshed with a newly ignited passion for yoga. I definitely plan to attend that class again, but I also want to take a more active flow-style class to get in more of a workout.


    Because my bruised shin from the epic box jump fail is still healing, I had to get creative this week with my workouts. So I decided to make most amazing hula hoop playlist on earth. I took some songs that I already had and combined them with suggestions from friends and several hooping discussion threads online. When I was finished, I loaded the playlist onto my shuffle and headed outside after dark. What should have been a freezing January night was instead an unseasonably sixty degree evening. Wearing only cropped yoga pants and a tank top, I hit the parking lot and went absolutely crazy. Besides working up a serious sweat, I learned a new trick. By spinning the hoops around my hand above my head, I can then “float” it down to my waist by making an “L” shape with my arm while turning in a circle. It looks effortless and I was stoked. I practiced in my living room the next night and got soaked when somehow an hour flew by. And the following morning, I did my own little cardio workout using some light weights and some moves I picked up from Shaun T’s “Insanity” infomercial. Funny, I know.


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    I’m feeling really positive heading into February. I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with the elimination diet but I know that its working and I have to decide what’s best for me…not something I’ve always been so great at doing. But my success in January is igniting the way for me to put my best foot forward, so that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Published On: February 05, 2013