• In a recent post I provided you with a highly effective, simple to use weight loss equation.  Two critical elements of this equation are calculating your "calorie burn" and calculating your "calorie intake".  Unfortunately these are not always simple tasks.  In this post I will give you a great way to determine your calorie intake.


    The simplest way I have found to be highly accurate in your calorie counting is to use a food logging website.  There are many sites available, the one I recommend is:




    I like spark people because it is free, and they provide simple to understand video tutorials as well as many other supporting programs.

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    I will tell you this up front, logging your food is tedious for the first few weeks.  I will also tell you that every single person I have trained who took food logging seriously reached their weight loss goal and learned more about their body than ever before. 


    See the great benefit that goes along with helping you reach your weight loss goals using food logging is that you learn so much about the food you eat and how it impacts your body.  The 2 most important items you will learn are:


    1. Your Macronutrient Profile


    2. Your Nutrient Intake Values


    Your macronutrient profile will end your carbohydrate to protein debate.  Knowing your macronutrient profile gives you the fewest number of calories you need to intake, in order to feel satisfied and reduce cravings.


    Your Nutrient Intake Values will help you understand why you feel the way you feel.  When you know the amounts of necessary nutrients you are eating, relative to the recommended daily amounts you should eat.  You will see where you are nutrient deficient, or if you're taking in too much of any one nutrient.  Many times making changes to your Nutrient Intake Values to meet your recommended daily needs will help you feel better and lose weight.


    I am living proof of this.  Many years ago I decided to count my calories, determine my macronutrient profile and better understand my nutrient intake values.  At the time I was struggling with allergy related sinus issues and other inflammatory related ailments.  What I found surprised me.  I was actually taking in 2 times my recommended daily amount of salt.


    Once I cut back on my salt intake and increased my water intake my allergy/sinus problems cleared up and have stayed away.  I no longer felt irritable or bloated, my overall energy levels have increased and my quality of life has improved significantly.


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    I hope this helps.


    Yours in health,

    Jason Chiero, CPT


Published On: November 04, 2009