• In a recent post I provided you with a highly effective, simple to use weight loss equation.  Two critical elements of this equation are calculating your "calorie burn" and calculating your "calorie intake".  Unfortunately these are not always simple tasks.  Let me give you the most effective methods for determining your "calorie burn".


    There are a few different methods of determining your daily calorie burn.  Each of these methods has varying degrees of accuracy and you will find that there are many tools available that can guarantee nearly 100% accuracy.


    The first method is simple guesstimation.  While it is the least accurate and least effective method, it is the most utilized of all.  The way it works is that an individual assumes that if they begin working out it will generate enough increased calorie burn to create a calorie deficit, which would then lead to weight loss.  Clearly this is not a scientific approach and I do not suggest it, since it almost always leads to frustration and failure.

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    The next method is to use a website that estimates calorie burn for specific activities.  Once you have identified your calorie burn for individual activities, you simply sum your activities to get your total daily calorie burn.  Most of the time these websites ask you to enter personal information, like your height, weight and age.  This method is definitely better than guesstimation, but is still not very accurate.  One website you can use for this is:




    The next best method would be to use a heart rate monitor that also provides you with your calorie burn.  Some of these monitors can be as accurate as 97%.  The challenge with this method is that you have to input certain information that is not easily determinable, and of course, when your data inputs are off your results will be off.  One company that sells this kind of heart rate monitor/calorie counting watch is Suunto, their website is:




    The last and best method is to use a device called the Bodybugg.  It is a calorie counter that you wear on your arm like an MP3 player.  Its accuracy is greater than 99%.  It even comes with a program that you can use to log your food and calculate your calorie balance.  It is a great program that I used myself and would encourage anyone to use.  You can learn more information about the Bodybugg at:




    The best advice I can give to anyone trying to lose weight, is to commit yourself to determine your daily calorie burn.  You will find that this is a challenging task in the beginning that gets easier as you go.  Even if it is not entirely accurate you will at least have a better idea of how many calories you are burning in a day.


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    I hope this helps.


    Yours in health,


    Jason Chiero, CPT

Published On: November 09, 2009