Holiday Eating - The Effects of Eating Poorly for Just a Few Days

  • I recently did a shared post on the effects of poor eating over the holidays. Historically many people, me included, choose to take the holidays off from making wise food choices.  We all know that much of what we eat during the holiday season is detrimental to our health, but do we really understand the severity of the consequences of eating poorly for only a few days. 


    Recently, I completed my video series case study titled The Raschad Jones Project.   In this project we documented what happens when Certified Personal Trainer, Raschad Jones agrees to eat junk food for 72 hours.   The results were surprising, and something I want to share with you before you we go into the holidays.  You can click on the link below to view this project:

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    To briefly summarize my findings, we saw the following occurrences:


    1. Less than 24 hours into eating his poor diet Raschad began to lose his mind. He was having trouble maintaining a clear, coherent thought processes. As a result he was unable to communicate clearly.


    2. Less than 48 hours into the project his body began to break down and relationships with his wife and son were suffering. During Raschad's workout in day 2 his heart rate spiked above 180 beats per minute 4 times, which led to him stopping his workout.


    3. At the 72 hour mark he was suffering from severe joint pain and lethargy. Severe lower back and leg pain set in. At home Raschad did not want to do anything. He was inclined to lie around and "Zone Out". As a result his interactions with his wife and son decreased.


    4. As late as 7 days after starting the project his body weight fluctuated severely.



    My advice to you is to take some time to view the entire video series before holiday meals arrive.  Hopefully after watching you will be able to connect the dots between what you eat and how you feel.   Maybe having that kind of information will help you to make more informed, wiser food choices that will help you enjoy your family time and holiday season.


    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT

Published On: December 11, 2009