Core Activation + Basic Movement Patterns = Safe Exercise

  • More and more safety during exercise is becoming an important issue.  Since many new exercisers are coming from the Baby Boom generation and have never really exercised, or never really exercised properly before the incident of injury is increasing.  I would like to help reverse this trend, by helping to teach people proper core activation and movement patterns.


    I don't know if anyone remembers a few years ago when Core Training was the buzz word for fitness training? I recently wrote a shared post that defined Core Training and gave 5 of the many benefits of Core Training.  I did this because even though Core Training is no longer a fitness Fad it is absolutely positively the proper way to workout. 

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    It is a fact that when you understand how to properly activate your core and integrate it into basic movement patterns you will be able to exercise safely and effectively.  The problem is that most people don't fully understand what it means to Activate their Core, nor do most people know how to integrate it into basic movements, patterns while they exercise.  In this shared post I want to teach you how to do this so that you too can feel good about exercising properly and get all of the benefits that come along with it.

    First you need to understand how to activate your core.  Instead of trying to explain it in words I have created a video for you that cover Core Activation in detail.  You can access the video at:



    The basic premise of core activation is that by drawing your stomach and squeezing your glutes you are activating your Transverse Abdominus muscle along with the other stabilizing muscles throughout your mid section and upper legs.  This is important because it provides the foundational postural positioning and form your body needs for proper function during basic exercise and movement.


    Now I am going to move onto several basic movement patterns that we all engage in during our normal daily activities.  Interestingly enough these basic movement patters are the same basic movement patterns that should be involved in a properly designed resistance training program.   Those movement patterns include squatting, single leg activities, hip extension (bridges), pushing, pulling, rotating, bicep curls and tricep extensions.  While each of these movement patterns has many complicated variations, the goal of this article is to teach you how to exercise safely.  The way this can be achieved is for you to learn how to activate you core stabilizing muscles while completing each of this movements first.


    As with before the best way for me to illustrate these techniques is through the use of video.  Below you will see that I have again provided you with a link to my blog site's Perfect Exercises page:



    Each of the videos reviews how to properly activate your core and shows you how to activate you core during each of the exercises/movement patterns.  All you have to do is click on the link and you will have instant access to videos of these exercises.  Once you are at my Perfect Exercise page all you have to do is scroll down and click on the exercise of your choice.


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    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT

Published On: December 15, 2009