It’s Time For Us to Have a Heart to Heart Discussion - A New Year's Message

  • This may be strange for you to do, so you may want to make sure no one else is around.  I need you to take a deep breath, clear your mind and take out a pen and piece of paper.  This exercise will only take a few minutes, it is relatively painless and will help you to decide if you should even bother with making a New Year's resolution related to improving your health and fitness


    That may sound strange coming from me since I am a Certified Personal Trainer and believe in health and wellness with all of my heart, but I am also a realist.  I understand that just because someone would rather be in better shape or in better health that doesn't mean they are not willing to what is necessary to reach this goal.

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    So to find out where exactly you are in relationship to your interest in attaining your fitness preference I have a short exercise that will help.  First and foremost if you choose to go through this exercise you have to make yourself one promise:




    Unless you choose to share this exercise with someone else you are the only one who will have the answers to the upcoming questions.  I can tell you unequivocally that if you are not honest with yourself this will be a total waste of your valuable time.


    Remember the question we are asking is:


    Is it worth my time to make a New Year's Resolution to improve my health and fitness?


    The reason it is important to answer this question for yourself is so that you can effectively spend your valuable resources.  What I mean is that if you come to the conclusion that improving your health and wellness is not of significant importance to you, then it would not make any sense for you to spend $1 or 1 minute on such a goal.  Therefore once you are finished with this exercise you will better be able to allocate you resources.


    With all of that said grab your pen and paper and let's get to the exercise.  You will want to first write down all 3 of the following questions then take a few minutes to answer each one.  Remember be honest with yourself otherwise this is a total waste of time.  Here are the questions:


    1.  As it relates to your health and fitness, what would you accomplish if you knew you couldn't fail?


    2.  How would you characterize your thoughts/actions toward the accomplishment you stated above, circle one of the following choices:


    I am reminded occasionally that my life would be better if I could achieve this accomplishment. 


    I am contemplating whether or not I should take actions to achieve this accomplishment.


    I am preparing to take action to achieve it.


    I am taking action to achieve it currently.


    3.  Based on the questions I have just answered I am WILLING or UNWILLING to spend my some of my time and money to achieve this accomplishment, circle one.






    Once you have answered the third question take a minute to look back over each of the 3 questions and answers.  If you answered that you would not be UNWILLING to spend any of your time or money to achieve your preferred health and fitness accomplishment then I would suggest your New Year's Resolution be focused on another goal.  It does not mean that you should never actively work toward your health and fitness goal it just means that you have not yet reached the conclusion that your health and fitness goal is important enough for you to spend your time and money pursuing it.


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    On the other hand if you came to the conclusion that you are WILLING to spend your time and money to achieve your health and fitness goal then I am going to suggest you return to this site over the next several weeks.  I will be writing more shared posts that will help you increase the likelihood of keeping your health and fitness resolution. 


    In the case you would like to take action immediately in meeting your health and fitness goal I will suggest a free resource for you.  At the link below I have a free Cardio Fitness Training Report, Cardio Training Program, Video Instruction and Free Fitness Updates for you if you feel it would help:



    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT

Published On: December 21, 2009