• In my last shared post titled "The Resolve To Do What Is Right - A New Years Message Continued".  This shared post focuses on why the first step in making changes in your life and fitness is for you to determine to do what you know to be right.  My goal in this shared post is to show you how simply making the decision to do what is right along with developing a vision of who you want to be will lead you to life changing results.


    Have you ever wondered why some people have the ability to achieve a goal while others only talk about achieving their goals?  In my capacity as a Practicing Personal Trainer I am constantly working to help my clients develop the vision of who/what they want to become.  More often than not I sit with well intended new clients who can only provide me a vague picture of what they want to achieve.  This is reflected in their answers to the question:

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    What is your goal, what do you want to achieve?


    Common responses that I receive are lose weight, tone up, increased energy, less pain, improve my quality of life...


    To which my next question is always WHY?  Why do you want to lose weight and tone up? Why do you want to increase your energy levels?  Why have you decided to improve you quality of life through fitness?  Why are you interested in making these changes now?


    At this point in the conversation my new client usually will tell me with hesitation the partial reason these goals are now more urgent.  Frequent answers I get are:


    I have to lose weight because the Doctor said I am pre diabetic.  I want my quality of life to because I just don't feel the way I used too!


    At this point in the conversation I ask the same question one more time, Why?  Why have you chosen to do something about the way you look and feel now?


    The answers I normally receive at this point are normally extremely revealing and provide me with the "Root Cause" or the real reason why my new client has finally been moved to take action toward improving their health and fitness.  How do I know this...I know this because the answers I get include things like:


    I have t lose weight because...


    ...my husband is threatening to leave me.


    ...none of my clothes fit me anymore.


    ...my father just died from heart disease.


    ...my children are embarrassed to be seen with me.


    I need more energy because...


    ...i can't even walk up the stairs at work without being winded.


    ...i never care to do anything anymore and i never feel good about myself.


    ...i'm not the same person anymore I never do anything spontaneously.


    I need to improve my quality of life because...


    ...i am constantly in pain and don't know what to do about it.


    ...i want to participate in the lives of my grandchildren.


    ...i feel like I am worthless and useless.


    It is at this point in the conversation that I feel like we are finally making progress.  At this point I now have a true picture of how my new client sees themselves and who/what they want to become.  They have now clearly communicated their Vision for me which is the starting point for helping them reach their goals.


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    In the case you would like to take action immediately in meeting your health and fitness goal I will suggest a free resource for you.  At the link below I have a free Cardio Fitness Training Report, Cardio Training Program, Video Instruction and Free Fitness Updates for you if you feel it would help:




    I hope this helps!


    Jason Chiero, CPT

Published On: December 31, 2009