How to Squeeze More Exercise into a Busy Day

Lisa Gulley Health Guide
  • On days when you just do not have time for an “official” workout, you can steal time from other activities and sneak in a little bit of fitness.  


    Here are some ideas that help me squeeze more activity into my day:


    1.  Laundry squats: This one is pretty basic. As you load that machine, do your squats. I either do pulse squats as I am tossing clothes in there, or I do 3-4 sets of jump squats once the machine is loaded. I know it sounds bizarre, but it gets my heart rate pumping and gives my legs a good burn!


    2.  Lunge to the mailbox: My driveway is fairly long with a good solid slope. This to me is the perfect venue for about 50 walking lunges. Don’t worry about what your neighbors think, just focus on the end result: awesome legs!

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    3. Commercial break circuit: Sitting down to enjoy your favorite TV show at night? Use the time during commercials to squeeze in several different exercises! Each commercial break is approximately 2 minutes long.  Can you hold a plank for two minutes? How about 2 minutes worth of push ups? Pick 2-3 different exercises and maximize your time. Don’t worry—you can do anything for just two minutes!


    4.  Walk! and then walk some more!: I just got a dog in the spring and I have to say my morning/evening walks with her are great for both my activity level and mental health. I use that time to listen to podcasts or just to relax my brain. I wear a Fitbit, which I absolutely love, and I almost always hit my 10k steps per day goal. 

    Some other ways to help you increase your daily steps include:

    • Parking your car in the farthest corner of the parking lot
    • Leaving  your car at home and walking to work or the store
    • Skipping the elevator or escalator and taking the steps whenever possible
    • Don’t use the remote control, get up and change the channel instead
    • Find a walking buddy and make a date to walk each day
    • If the weather is bad, go for a walk at your local mall. Just don’t get distracted by all the sales!


    How do you get creative and sneak fitness into YOUR day? Tell me in the comments, I would love to hear some new ideas! 

Published On: July 31, 2014