How to Encourage Kids to Get More Exercise

Lisa Gulley Health Guide
  • Parents often ask me how they can get their kids to be more active although they usually don’t appreciate my answer  -- YOU, as the parent, need to be more active!  Kids will do as they see so if you are always on the couch watching TV or surfing your phone,  that is precisely what Junior is going to do!  Start doing active things as a family such as bike riding, walking, swimming, etc.  and you will find that it not only improves their health, but yours as well. 

    In addition to being an active example for your child,  here are some other ideas:


    1.  Have them join a team sport---not only will it get your kids moving more,  but it will provide great friendships and teach them about being a team player.

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    2.  Create an incentive plan:  Create a time or distance goal and when your kids reach it,  have a special celebration. I know one mom who kept track of the miles they walked and biked over the summer so they could see how long it would take them to “get” to California from their home in Virginia.  The kids loved it and it kept the whole family moving!


    3.  Get them a Fitbit:  My kids love to compete in everything, including steps.  A Fitbit not only keeps track of their step count, but can also give some insight into their sleeping patterns.   It provides visual feedback to how much you are actually moving your body and rewards “badges” for meeting certain goals.   Get one for the whole family and make it a fun game!


    When it comes to getting kids to moving more,  you just need to make it FUN and do it with them!  What are your favorite ways to involve kids in fitness? 

Published On: September 08, 2014