Holiday Parties: Five Tips for Sticking to Your Diet

Lisa Gulley Health Guide
  • The holiday stress is in full force! Are you going to a holiday party this month? Here are some tips to help keep you stay on track with your goals:


    1. Bring a healthy dish to share. This will make ensure you have at least one good option to choose from and will not offend your host.


    2. Drink plenty of water before the party. You should also aim for one full glass between every alcoholic beverage you consume. Always choose to drink water over sodas.


    3. Load your plate with veggies and lean protein. Skip the bread, fried food, pasta salads, casseroles, and dips. Avoid standing near the appetizers or chip bowls that are easy to mindlessly eat. If it looks good, have one and move on.

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    4. Watch your alcohol intake. Not only is it loaded with empty calories, it can also lead to eating more than you planned. Have a plan in mind before the party (example: I will have 2 glasses of wine) and then stick to it. Drink slowly and remember to focus on the people, not the drinks.


    5. Stay active! Put your workouts on your calendar and keep those appointments! Not only will it help work off those excess calories, but exercise helps manage the stress of the season as well.



    Feel free to share your own tips in the comments. How do you plan on staying on track this holiday season?


Published On: December 11, 2014