Aerobics Can Make You Feel Younger Next Year!

Chris Health Guide
  • Look, you're probably going to live 30 years after you turn 50. Maybe 40 years, a good woman like you. In any event, it's going to be a third of your life. A third! We all tend to think we are going to "grow old and die". Not a bit of it...we are going to grow old and live. For a long time. Especially if your heart doesn't stop some sunny morning...and if you don't get one of those pesky strokes that make such a hash of your life. When they don't kill you.


    The single best and easiest thing you can do to keep yourself from having that heart attack or stroke - and a lot of other, awful things - is steady aerobic exercise. That is the activity that is, mostly, going to be responsible for reducing illnesses in general, after fifty, by up to fifty percent. Aerobic exercise does not guarantee you won't have a heart attack or a stroke it does more than anything else to reduce the risk. So be a grownup...get out there and do some aerobic exercise. Four days a week. Until you die. Then you can lighten up.

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Published On: September 26, 2007