Aerobics are easy! (take one)

Chris Health Guide
  • This is part of a series on aerobics. You can read part one here.


    Aerobic exercise may sound hard, if you're not doing it. Hell, all exercise sounds hard, if you're not doing it. And it is, in a way. But the beauty part is that, if you just do it...just pick away at it gets really easy. And it works.


    Harry had a patient who could barely walk a hundred yards on the beach when he began. But he did it. Walked the damned hundred yards, four days a week, at the start. And slowly picked up. A year later, he was doing four or five miles in the sand, four days a week. He had lost a ton of weight and his life signs - cholesterol, blood pressure, the works - were radically improved.

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    It's like the ball park in The Field of Dreams: build the habit, do it consistently, and a good aerobic base will follow. As sure as night the day. Run if you're still a runner. Bike if you're a biker. Or just walk a hundred yards on the beach. But START! And never, never quit. Ever!

Published On: October 19, 2007