Strength Training

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  • There's a lot of great news in the Younger Next Year books and in these blogs. Lots of it. But there are some things that - at first blush - sound simply dreadful. And one of them is this:


    If your life after fifty is going to worth a ****, you are going to have to work out with big, heavy nasty weights, two times a week. Three would be better. Yikes!


    But you gotta. Because the surprising fact is that the single best thing you can do to improve the QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE AFTER FIFTY is lift big, heavy, nasty weights, regularly. Hard to believe but true. That is the great antidote to pain, and falling and clumsiness and lord knows what. And it works so quickly, once you start, that you get caught up in it pretty fast. Details to follow...Don't miss the next blog.

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Published On: December 03, 2007