The Six Amazing Benefits of Strength Training

Chris Health Guide
  • Aerobics does the most to keep you alive. But weight training is the single best thing to make you feel good and have fun. Here's why. You think your body wears out, like a car. So many revolutions, so much scraping away at the cylinder walls and your done.


    But that's not true.


    It is not a is a living organism. And it can grow new bone, build new wiring, renew old joints. It really, really can. Unlike a car, which wears out and dies, your body lives. IF YOU SEND IT THE GROW SIGNAL, IT WILL GROW YOUNGER. HONEST.


    What this is NOT about is growing a set of "six-pack" abs, like the kids on the cover of Men's Health. That is not going to happen. But you will get physically stronger (and a bit nicer looking, come to think of it). But that's not the main thing. Here's what you get with weight training:

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    1. physically stronger
    2. a faster, subtler signaling system to your body
    3. better balance
    4. stronger bones
    5. better balance
    6. less pain

    Pretty good deal. Follow the bouncing blogs...learn why.

Published On: December 17, 2007