Getting Stronger is Important and Readily Doable

Chris Health Guide
  • Do weight training and you will get a lot question about matter what your age. A sixty year old man can, typically, double the strength in his legs in four months. Absolutely true. And terribly important. Just do the **** weights two or three times a week and you will get very significantly stronger. And that matters.


    Just having strong legs - never mind the rest of your body...never mind the coordination, the balance and all that - just having strong legs radically improves your chances of staying mobile and not falling down.


    You're young and you don't think falls are for you? Yes they are. Once you pass sixty, falls are a regular feature of life and of immobility and bad health. You get old, your senses of balance and coordination go to hell....and you don't have the strength to "catch yourself" when you fall. Just having strong legs will make a massive difference in the fight to stay on your feet. You'll catch yourself. That'll be nice.

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Published On: January 11, 2008