Build New Bone

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  • The other amazing thing about weight training is that it is really the ONLY thing that builds significant new bone. Send the signals that weight training sends and you signal your bones to grow new bone! Again, it sounds fantastic, but it is absolutely true. And it matters. Because, in later age, you lose a lot of bone mass.


    Women - after menopause - lose a whopping 2% a year. That's terrifying. Leads to osteoporosis...falls, and broken hips. The old woman's disorder, right? So familiar that it's hard to think it is a real horror.


    It is a real horror. Fifty percent of the women who break their hips after sixty never walk, unaided, again. That means the cane, the walker and the chair. And they are the lucky ones. Because a whopping 20% are dead within a year. DEAD! So this is serious business.

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    You get some help from calcium pills. But the only real way to grow new bone is to do the hellish, heavy weights. So do ‘em. It makes all the difference. SO WEIGHTS!

Published On: February 01, 2008