It's Time to Start

Chris Health Guide
  • Okay, we've talked enough about WHY to do all this hideous workout let's talk about WHEN. And HOW HARD. Here's an idea: RIGHT NOW! And, HARD FOR YOU!


    The New Year is upon us. You probably ate and drank yourself stupid the past few weeks. You could truly use a fresh start. Well...go with a REALLY NEW START! Go with the Younger Next Year program, TODAY! Do it the rest of your life.


    Here's what you do: if you are in truly rotten shape (and that's just fine, by the way), you do exactly the same as the kids who are starting in great shape: you COMMIT TO SIX DAYS A WEEK, from the get-go. Your six days probably are all aerobic at the outset and you may start with something as easy as fast walking until you're pooped.

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    The test: do something that is HARD FOR YOU. Never mind the other guy, it's got to be hard for you. And you have to be consistent. It is the commitment to six days that matters. The other stuff will take care of itself.


    If you're in better or even pretty good shape, wonderful. STILL COMMIT TO SIX DAYS. And make sure that you stretch yourself a little on every one of them. Gotta be a workout FOR YOU or it doesn't count.

Published On: February 04, 2008