Don't Kid Yourself

Chris Health Guide
  • Okay, you've signed on for six days a week. Now let's make sure they are real. You don't want to over do. But you don't want to kid yourself either. If this is an aerobics day, make sure you do it hard enough to sweat. No sweat, no credit. If it's a weights day, make sure you get close to some kind of a limit on one set of weights (that means pain, kids).


    So often, I see a guy or, more often, a woman in the gym with some bland trainer who's just not working. Drives me crazy. The trainer hands the woman a light weight. They stop and talk for three minutes. She pitches the tiny weight around for twenty seconds. They talk some more.

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    WASTE OF TIME! You have to go for it. Being there is excellent...working out is the point. It has to be HARD FOR YOU. EVERY DAY.

Published On: February 27, 2008