A Note to Habitual Liars

Chris Health Guide
  • So many people are delusional. We had Christmas dinner with a guy who was curious about Younger Next Year. I told him a little and he said - and I hear this constantly - "Oh, yeah. Great stuff. I already do it all the time."


    LIAR! You just look at this bird - a 65 year old man with a conspicuously red face and a huge gut - and you know that cannot be true. Sure enough, it turns out that he walks - God bless him - as much as a mile. Once in a while. And he has a bike...even better. And he sometimes bikes for a mile or two as well. PATHETIC.


    For this guy - who clearly was an athlete years ago - that's NONSENSE. He is dying by inches and lying by the yard. DUMB. A little light walking now and then does not do it. A little doubles tennis now and then does not do it. Ditto all golf. Ditto gardening. Ditto shopping, for heaven's sake. They are all lovely pursuits but THEY AIN'T EXERCISE! Go to the gym...hop on the bike...go for a serious hike. But SWEAT, **** it. The rest is delusional.

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    By the way, the guy at Christmas has already had one major heart event. My guess? He's gonna have another. Unless he gets off his but and WORKS!

Published On: April 09, 2008