Some Days I Dog It

Chris Health Guide
  • Look...some days I dog it. Just like you. Some days I do not get a really serious workout. But, if I may say so, I dog it at the High End. Today, for example, I am in a hotel in Florida...there's an okay gym but not great. And I am a little whipped with travel. So I take it easy on myself. But I do the main thing. The main thing is to change your clothes and Go to the Damned Gym...Do Something.


    For me, dogging it meant no weights today, even though weights are on my schedule. Instead I just did a "long and slow" aerobic workout. That meant 45 easy minutes on the elliptical machine. No high speed stuff, no intervals, and my heart rate barely touched 75% of my max. But that's okay. That's a perfectly reasonable, low key workout. Not hard to make yourself do and it still does a lot of good.

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    The key ingredients, as I say: change your clothes and go some place to work out. Take it easy but do something. If you can bear to loll along for 45 minutes, great. If you can only do 30 today...hey, that's fine. In this Younger Next Year life, CONSISTENCY TRUMPS PASSION! Do something six days a week and you're a hell of a girl...a great guy. And over time it will truly work. And then, Hey!'ll be younger next year. And for years to come.

Published On: April 09, 2008