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  • This is hard, right?... six days a week of exercise...four of aerobics and two of weights? Hard. But guess what: It is SO worth it. Take this past week. I am out west, skiing at Vail. I jump into an Expert class with four locals...two in their 20's and two in their early 50's. And we spend the afternoon, flying down the "Back Bowls"...serious expert runs. And I am able to more or less keep to play with kids 20 and more years my junior.

    It's not about being an athlete, let alone a skier. It's about feeling like yourself...about feeling and acting Younger Next Year...when you're 73! Not bad.

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    Here's a neat trick to help keep yourself motivated over the long run...the long, long run. Use what we call the "kedge". It means an anchor which is used to pull yourself out of a tough spot. We use it to refer to a vigorous, destination vacation...with a serious athletic component. You are motivated to train - in the gym or whatever - to get ready for the trip. You are thinking about the upcoming bike trip in New England or the ski trip in the Rockies while you are on the stationary bike...the leg press machine. Then you are super- motivated while it's going on... while you're actually on the bike or the skis. Try works like a charm. And major fun.

Published On: April 09, 2008