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    Hi folks,


    There is a great question from Dhie about whether she should workout at home or renew her gym membership and I wanted to share my response with everyone.


    To gym or not to gym that is the question? My response is if you can afford to do both, do both. Renew your gym membership and also setup your home gym too. Your health and fitness is that important and you should give yourself every possible excuse and option to make it happen.

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    The important thing when it comes to working out is motivation. Motivation brings about consistency which leads to you having that fabulous body have always dreamed of.


    You see there are those days when life will get in the way of you going to the gym. Life has the habit of throwing emergencies our way and despite great intentions; you might not be able to make it to the gym. So when that happens, (and it will happen) hit the home gym setup, or do an exercise video in your collection. Your goal is stay consistent with your workouts.


    Personally I love the gym and I'm not just saying this because I'm a trainer who teaches classes almost everyday, but because I know that being a member of a gym can be a life changing decision. The next sentence deserves a paragraph just by itself so pay close attention.


    It's not about the gym; it's about the spirit and the energy you will find there.


    You see, I often tell my students that energy and motivation is like smoke, you hang around it long enough and you end up going home with it. Being a member of the gym will allow you to feed of the energy of others, you will be inspired to see other motivated people pursuing the same goal as you are.


    Here are my parting thoughts.

    1) This is very important. You must commit to a specific time to working out, schedule it or etch it in stone if possible. For example, Dhie mentions she has the option of doing early morning classes. Nothing like a good workout in the morning to kick start your day.


    2) Make some friends at the gym and try interacting and reaching out to others. This will make the gym a more delightful place to visit and when you skip the gym; your new buddy might notice and give you a hard time about it Big Smile You see anything that gets you motivated to continue to working out is beneficial and a social circle will do just that.


    3) Make it a family affair. Buy some exercise DVD's and work out with your daughters. Take a family fitness walk/jog with your better half and the kids. There is nothing as motivating when your kids come and say "Mama when are we going to workout?"


    Move Your Body, Move Your Life.

    Kenn Kihiu


Published On: November 21, 2007